Friday, July 29, 2011

Mustering of the Kabal - Dark Eldar Warriors

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I managed to finish painting the Kabalite Warriors that will be sitting inside the Venoms. Without further ado, here are the two squads.

Squad 1

Squad 2

 Blaster-totting Warriors

The other warriors

Mustering of the Kabal - Some pics of the converted old school raider PIP

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Just the other day when I was unpacking some of my paints to paint the incubi and the warriors, I managed to find an old school Dark Eldar Raider in my Bitz pile. How the hell it get up there? Apparently I forgotten to put this into the small Dark Eldar bitz box when I first bought that old Dark Eldar battleforce, and it became my sole Dark Eldar model left in Malaysia. That somewhat answered a question I had when I first got hold of the shipment of my Dark Eldar stuff. Now that I got the stuff that I have adopted from the rest of the dudes here who wants to let go of their Dark Eldar stuff, I realized that this is indeed the time to save this Private Ryan and bring him back to be with its friends.

With some converting based upon the idea that I have about the old school models and the new sails and stuff, I managed to replicate my success. Without further ado here's the model in its PIP process.

Right now this guy is a monster to paint, and so far I had more progress with the Kabalites as they take less time to paint. :P

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Winds of Sorrow - Dark Eldar Vs Grey Knights 1750 pts Battle Report

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Today I got a battle report from a few weeks back. Due to the unnatural proxied state of both our armies and battlefield (we used ketchup packets and coins to represent units to play in a McDonald's) I decided that it will not be pretty for the battle report (sorry for the lack of pics but I'll make it up some day!). It is perhaps one of the most bizarre battles I've played but nonetheless very enjoyable. Thanks to no small part to my friend's insistence of playing with me, and also doing the math to shrink a 6x4 table to the right table size found in McDonald's, having some dices and using whatever stuff McDonald's could provide to become terrain pieces I am able to see what the Grey Knights Terminator army could do.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New models on the block!

Just gotten some sneakies from a website, and behold new Dark Eldar models!

My opinion about the models? The ur-ghul is a rip-off of a ghoul, and the Medusae is awesome in its Hellraiser-like aesthetics.

Mustering of the Kabal - Incubi and Base concept

 Heya, welcome back.

Due to the fact that people kept on giving me Dark Eldar stuff even while I am on vacation, I decided to just do some light hobby work during the intermissions between meeting my friends and going out to places.

First order of the day; bases.

This issue alone made me a little annoyed as I know of a certain concept in my mind as to what I want the base of my Dark Eldar to be; that of the earth of Commorragh. This in itself is a challenge as the artwork of the codex always make Commorragh as a very eerie monstrously evil place. This in effect always give me that sort of brooding evil place like the image above. But I never really knew how to do the effect until an accident happened while I was painting my Incubi. The turquoise wash actually seeps into the base and I was about to wipe it off when I realized that it just turned out the way I like it. With that, I decided to refine the accident. I tried them on much larger bases to truly see the effect of the base.

While I am preparing the large flying bases with the sand and stuff, I realized that I could do a little more magic to make these bases unique while not overpowering my flying models. I then decided that I ought to I try out something I always wanted to do; using wood putty for modelling purposes. Due to the unique properties of wood putty, they actually are like Play-dough and if you leave them in a state of semi-dryness, they would crack. I used this property to the max, and managed to get some amazing rock-like effects. Put this with some gravel, some pebbles and some sand, and presto! Awesome bases.

Suffice to say, I am very pleased with the result and I am now a real convert to wood putty and turquoise base color.. With that done, I decided to pluck my incubi off their bases and do some landscaping on their base and paint the whole package; model and base alike.

A few days later, I finished a bunch of my Incubi. I am quite satisfied with the way they turned up, especially the power weapons. Add that with the fact that they are the metal models, and I consider it as a justification of the efforts I go towards to get the remaining 5 metal men for at least one squad of my Incubi. Sadly enough from now on, I will have to get the resin ones if I want to have more squads of Incubi.

Here is a pic with the whole bunch of them, and it is also in this picture that you can truly see the base. I am awestruck by the base as they looked a lot like those resin desert bases, but I spend almost nothing on the bases to make it that good.

More pics will come once I go about painting a little more of the donated stuff.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Trust - A short story

As she watches them from a tainted glass, the little children that she taken from Verdant's World are now playing around in a room reserved for them under the watchful eye of their old one. If treatments of slaves were categorized into levels, theirs would be a much exalted one. Vespera did not chain them nor torture them at all, and they have a room that is fit for a Dark Eldar nobility. She also wonders why she gave them the best possible treatment. She decided that she should enter the room just to see her little pets.

As she entered the room, the little ones stopped playing and flocked to their old one. With every step, Vespera could sense the fear from them all. This is always nice, but for some odd reason she wanted them to not fear her.  The old one started speaking, and Vespera always find it enjoyable to speak to the old one for he is the only thing she captured that dares to speak back to her. For that he had earned the privilege of her speaking in their barbaric language.

"You have taken Anna, and you scared the hell out of her. What do you want this time?"
"But I did gave her back to you is it not, old one?"
"To terrorize us with the fear of own own flesh and blood?"
"No, if I were to terrorize you, I would do it more eloquently. I did nothing to her save to bring her out to a meal with me. Do not worry, I did not eat anything humanoid. But she did see my father and my rival, and perhaps that is fearful enough for her." Vespera pulls a chair from the table nearby and sits down, looking at the human with her icy blue eyes.The human looked at her with the armor of contempt. Amazing how this old one is able to meet her eye to eye.

" By the way old one, did you realize that this room is for my kind's nobility? Have you not wondered why you are not in the slave cages living in your own filth? You surely must have known it."
"Yes, I noticed but yet I must ask why? Don't your kind treat us nothing less than living?"
"Yes, your kind is but fodder to our souls. But alas, you and your young ones are special. If I were to put it in your language, I would say that I have no reason to harm you and your little ones."
"You have done enough." The old man's words are filled with sarcasm.
"Yes, I would admit that. But what I do know is that you should not fear me."

More looks of contempt come from the old one, and Vespera knew that she will have to make a point. Thus she beckons him to follow her. The mon-keigh knew that to defy the words of the Archite would be tantamount to suicide. He followed her outside the comforts of the place they call their home for the past few weeks. Vespera could see that the old one telling the little ones to stay in their room to their protestation. As Vespera closes the door and walks away, the old man and his followed in her steps.

The corridors are of the darkest of obsidian, and the dark but beautiful architecture of the hallway is visible to all of them. A deeply menacing atmosphere, and Rikkard could only wonder what is going on. Is this Dark Eldar going to lead them to their deaths? As they passed by more and more Kabalite warriors, he could sense their dark desires seeping out from their armor, wanting to do many things to them that Rikkard prefer not to think about.  It seems that ironically, the only thing that is keeping them from doing their thing is the presence of their leader as her presence is the only reason why the other Dark Eldar did not come upon them like a school of sharks. Finally, after some time walking around, they find themselves at the end of the passage. The female leader waits for them, and as they exit the passage, they could see a huge courtyard with dark blue grasses and the sight of the sharp, jagged spires jutting out from the skies like spears is omnipresent. Each of the structure has a rather dark and sinister hue, reflected by the dark turquoise sun above them, Rikkard could only feel a dark wonder to all of this.

"Beautiful isn't it? This is a place I have called my home for the past six hundred years. But like what you humans call a rose, it is a beauty with dangers. I could open the doors of your 'prison' and let you out to do what you want. But remember that you will be at the mercy of this city. Even a person like myself can never guarantee your survival. I have already treated you very well to be honest. No one touches you all under my presence, but you can see that they all seek for your suffering. Right now, you can see this courtyard." Vespera takes a few steps outside the courtyard, and Rikkard his little ones walks outside with the Xenos.

"This courtyard is the exact place where an attempt on my father's life was done. My father lived, but fully thirty members of his family, including my mother was slain here. Even an Archon is never truly safe in this city, but at least when you are with a Kabal your survival is much higher. For you and your young ones, I am but the... " Immediately her pendant lights up and a dark shadow engulfed them all in its veil. Rikkard and his little ones could only see one part of the shadow being distorted, but returned back to its dark cloudy form immediately. But soon enough more and more shots of light comes towards their direction
"What was that?"  Rikkard then sees the female Xenos chattering away in a crisp and clear manner, and before long a single beam of red light cast its baleful glow upon them and speeds toward the source of the incoming fire, obliterating the part of the spire. The firing immediately stopped.
"Thank you." Rikkard could not believe the words that is escaping his lips, but alas it is the only think he could say.
"This is why I say that you should not fear me. I am your best chance of survival for you and your little ones. I think this is too much for you and I should lead you back to your room." Rikkard could only nod in agreement.

A few days later, Rikkard was graced by the presence of the Xenos leader. She is fully clad in her armor, and oddly enough, she is carrying a sack. To his surprise his grandchildren are not flocking to him and instead they are looking at her with wary eyes. This something new for Rikkard as now it appears that they are not fearful of her, just very cautious. The Xenos  then sets down a huge sack down, and takes off her helm and holds it under her arm.

"Your little ones might enjoy these things." Before he could even ask her what is in the sack, she walks out from the room and closes the door. Anna walks towards the sack and opens it, and she screaming with joy. "What's in the sack dear?" Rikkard asked, a little wary about the thing in the bag.
"Toys!" Soon enough the rest of the children rushed towards the back and they are all screaming with joy.

Why am I treating them so nicely?, Vespera could only wonder as she closes the door, seeing their smiling faces.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Attention Part 7 - Short Story (Final Part)

Vespera would like to rest in her chambers for the day. After the obliteration of her rival's primary fleet, and arguably the Imperial Crusade that is on her tail and the incoming Ork horde that would drown all the worlds ripe for conquest she 'inherited' the Kabal of the Turbulent Star overnight and took over all their spaceports and stronghold, in essence growing her Kabal twofold. But alas, she will not have her due rest. As she enters her chambers , a dark presence greets her. She did not immediately call for her Kabalites, but instead she activates the runes to activate the lights. Illuminated by the chamber's lights, Lord Ranisold is now right in front and Vespera could only wonder how he is alive, and that is before she noticed that he is in her room.

So far from her sources, the fleets are all but obliterated when one of the Imperial battleships detonated its warpdrive and caused a warp storm and engulf everything within. A warp storm engulfs everything, and surely there will not be a single part of his body available for his regeneration. How did he do it? She does know the answer to the question, but alas she is waiting for the answer to escape the lips of the Archon.

"A portable Webway portal is always handy especially when you are in a dastardly bad situation." The Archon speaks as if to answer Vespera's inner thoughts.
"I why are you in my private chambers Lord Ranisold? Do you want to exact your revenge on me?"
" I could, but unfortunately I have the feeling that I was led into the chambers rather than sneaking in. You must have something planned."
"Indeed. I did let you in or else you will die a painful death."
Vespera's every step echoes with a certainty and grace of a sabrecat towards her bar of concoctions from across the galaxy. She then pours a glass of a concoction of some kind for both herself and her guest and walks towards the Archon, her movement as enticing as it is dangerous. 

"No worries Milord, it is not poisoned. I would not want to poison myself do I?" As the Archon takes the glass, he could smell that this particular concoction is not particular to the Dark Eldar distillery, but something else entirely. As she sits down upon her bed and crossed her legs, Ranisold could only wonder what is this woman up to.

"Tanith sacra would be the name of the drink. A particularly rare alcoholic drink, as the wold that produce it is no more. "
"So is this a way of saying that I am but a ghost?" The Archon sips the liquor and let the unique taste of the drink linger around his mouth before he swallows.
"A mon-keigh drink, but one that I grew to like."
" What are you suggesting here?"
"Well...I need a person who knows how to commands the fleets. So far none of my own people are capable."
"What about elements of my Kabal that you forced into servitude?"
"None are particularly bright and their experience with coordinating planetary invasions and fleet actions at once is nothing less than pathetic."
"And that is why you are entertaining me?"
"Yes, I know an space-bound Archon like you know best about these kinds of things. Indeed, I quite safely assume that you would meet me somehow after that incident." Vespera is playing around with the Archon, trying to inflict as much pain as possible with every word. She takes off her helm, and as her pale beauty reveals itself she gives the Archon a smile. All she needs for the Archon to do is to get the point of why she is still keeping him alive.

"Inyon lama-quanon." The Archon answered.
"Yes, I want to dominate. It may be or may be not what you want to do to me, but I know what I want. All I ask is for you to kneel.If you don't it is fine by me but...", Vespera takes out a locket and activates the rune on it, "you will find out soon enough what will happen if you don't." 

The Archon did not understand the significance of the pendant, but when he tries to speak, his mouth fails to move. Realizing what she had done to him, he could only look at her with venom in his eye. Vespera could only agree more with him. A creation of her private Haemonculi, the pendant allow one to jam any kind of electrical signals, from the shadowfields to the neurons in the brain. Of course she asked that the calibration is enough for a person to be fully paralyzed rather than stopping the life functions of a person. And before long, Lord Ranisold starts to kneel down as his legs buckled under his body weight.

"So I would take that as a yes." Vespera could only kneel down beside him and whisper to his ear.
"Now you will have my undying attention....." And Vespera chuckled, with the Dark City as the witness of this dark pledge.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wargamescon - Dark Eldar Lists that made the cut

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As most of us know, Wargamescon had just concluded and some interesting listing came up and this in a sense also shows the current meta. The Grey Knights are now entering with full force into the competitive circuit, and some armies have a surprise strong showing, such as the Orks. But I tend to always believe that Orks always got the solution to almost every list out there.  But my interest is mainly with the Dark Eldar players.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In memory of a great mentor.

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Unlike my other posts, today I feel like talking about a great woman who is a great mentor to me, and perhaps if it were not for her I would not understand the fine workings of mathematics and in a way she is also vital in my understanding of probabilities. That woman is a person I always known as Aunty Pat.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adoption of Kabal Remnants - An Act of a Sadistic Samaritan

Hello, welcome back!

Right now I am back in my own country trying to not do anything about Dark Eldar for the moment until I go back to the US, but apparently the Dark Eldar models found me.

But before I could go ahead I must tell the tale of a few months back.....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Attention Part 6 - Short Story

So intense was the desire of Ranisold to dominate Vespera that now for all intent and purposes, the Kabals are at war. For every world that Vespera seeks to exact her own brand of cruelty, Ranisold's forces will be there either exacting their own brand of sadism or both forces will arrive at the same time upon a world. In turn for this transgression upon her traditional prey, she decided to let the Archon taste his own venom and preyed upon Imperial shipping lanes that are the domain of the Kabal of the Turbulent Stars.

One thing leads to another and now whenever their Kabals meet, there will be a great conflict between them. Many an Imperial World have seen the Eldar Raiders descending upon each other at the same time that they are hunting down their human quarry. Indeed, Vespera have gotten the human transmission that said that there is an apparent 'civil war' between the Eldar race that is engulfing their region of space known as the Atema Sector. Vespera's Kabal and Ranisold's Kabals are evenly matched, but with slight advantages to their own areas of specialty; Vespera with planetary invasions and Ranisold with interstellar raids. 

So when the news that their feud have attracted the ire of an Imperial Crusade, Vespera knew that this feud is going too far. But she will not bow down to the Archon for the Kabal war will not end until one of the Kabal is subsumed into the winner's Kabal. But alas, she will need an ally or some sort, an ally that is not a Dark Eldar but yet is strong enough to take both Ranisold's forces and also the incoming Imperial Crusade. She wondered what kind of brutish strength will be up to the specific requirements that she needs to turn the tide when suddenly one of the Kabalite naval officers upon her bridge warns her of something that proved to be what she's looking for all this while.

"Milady, massive Ork fleet ahead." Vespera could only marvel at the vastness of the Ork fleet for it is perhaps one of the largest Ork fleet that she had ever seen in a long time. Throughout the entire expanse, the Orkoid fleet stretches like a great school of ugly, brutish fishes swimming around the void. One thing caught her eye immediately when she is examining the Ork fleet. 

"I do not see the biggest ship. Where is it?" Before long,  the sensors in her ships are detecting a massive warp portal coming out from above them. Vespera could only look at the massive space hulk with a certain amount of respect as the space hulk dwarfed her entire fleet in its shadow. It took a great ten minutes for the space hulk to fully exit the warp portal.

"Fire at the Space Hulk." Vespera's answer is solemn and confident, and her crew members fired upon the Hulk without hesitation. The void lance fire barely scratched the Space Hulk but the Space Hulk replied with a monstrous amount of inaccurate fire towards the fleet. Before long, thousands of Ork fighters exited the Space Hulk like a swarm of hornets and before long Vespera's Voidravens and Razorwings went out to meet the Ork flighter squadrons.

"Fire your lances upon the other ships as well." Vespera takes her time to enjoy the distiller's art of her drink. As the massive Ork fleet turned around cumbersomely to meet the new threat, Vespera gave in a final command to her crew.

"Retreat at full speed, and recall all the fighters back. But not so fast that the Orks lose us." Despite the questions in their minds, Vespera could see that the crew obeyed her without hesitation. Now, Vespera reckons she got the toll she need to bring down this entire sector of realspace.

The cat-and-mouse chase between her fleet and the Ork fleet lasted for several days, before she proceed to command her fleet to split up. Fully two thirds of her fleet disengaged themselves from the chase, and the remainder of her fleet is now the bait for the entire Ork fleet. 

"Milady what are you doing?" Selendra, her trusted handmaiden asked her Archite. 
"You will see. Just relay the command to the remainder of the fleet to continue on baiting the ork fleet down this path. You and your fleet will enter the webway portal to exit at this particular location. "
"But Milady, that is the....."
"Yes, and you know what to do." Selendra could only nod, and before long she exits the bridge. Vespera could only imagine how this particular plan will fare out.

"So...what do I owe the pleasure of your presence?" Ranisold speaks with voice as thick as oil and as smooth as velvet. Vespera's fleet, much diminished met with the Turbulent Star's Kabalite fleet. 
"I am here to talk a little about our current predicament. We both know that this feud is costing us precious time and resources, and thus I would like to propose a solution to our problems." Vespera notices a slow rictus building upon Ranisold's face.
"I would love to hear about this solution of yours. Surely you are expecting something out of this? I am paying attention to your every word now..." Ranisold is now a man filled with vainglory, his mind bent upon a single solution.
"Well, Lord Huenlar Ranisold, I would like you to pay attention to this." Before the Archon even notices anything, several streams of darklight appear from both sides of the Turbulent Star's fleet, and the elements of Vespera's fleet arrive from the flanks and in a crossfire of void lances, several of the Turbulent Star's vessels are destroyed or crippled.
"What is this??!!?" Huenlar's expression have turned to a man filled with rage.
"Farewell Lord Ranisold. I hoped you are paying attention to the fate that you deserve." Immediately the flanking elements of Vespera's fleet enters into the Webway once again, and just as the entry portals of the flanking attacks closes, Vespera could only enjoy the expression as his bridge receives the information from their sensors

"What? An Ork fleet and an Imperial fleet are coming our way?!?" Before long, a fusillade of portals appear from both sides of the Turbulent Stars flanks. The massive Gothic leviathans of the Imperial fleet appears from the left and the opposite portals gorge out the ramshackled monstrosities of the Ork fleet. The only certainty is that there is nothing the Turbulent Star fleet could do to turn away from both fleets.
"DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!" Vespera could only see the face of a man whose pride is hurt and perhaps a man whose suffering and agony had finally taken over with a large dose of rage.
"Likewise, Milord." Vespera's fleet retreats with full speed away from the onslaught that is about to follow, and with a smile on her face.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Incubi - Why I loved them and how they play a part in my list.

Heya all, and today I would like to talk about why I essentially love what is perhaps one of the more deadlier close combat artists in the Dark Eldar arsenal; the Incubi.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Great Hunt - Dark Eldar Vs Tyranids 1850 pts

Hello and welcome back to the webway. Today I am going to do a battle report on what is essentially the fastest battle I have ever played. This battle only took me 2 turns to win, but there's a reason why it happened the way it did, and I actually felt sorry for my opponent. This battle was done in the US about 1 week before my first battle report for the Dark Eldar (Chaos Space Marines vs Dark Eldar) which could be found in the blog.

Without further ado here's my list;

My Current Dark Eldar List - 1750 pts

Hello all welcome back to the webway portal.

Today I would like to just talk about the lean and mean end product of several months of observation, preferences and experience with my dark eldar. Well to be honest there's never an end product, but as of this moment the list that I loved fits my style more easily than the previous lists.

The Attention Part 5 - Short Story

This feels awkward, Vespera says to herself. With her father on one end and her potential assassin turned suitor on another having dinner together in the latter's fortress, she realized that for once she felt a little powerless. Luckily for her, she brought a pet along with her, a human child called Anna. So far the little one is quiet, but nonetheless alert. Her fear only made her more adorable like a pet should be, and Vespera patted the little one. The little one is hyperventilating and Vespera could only see how adorable this little thing is. But nonetheless, Vespera also realized that her own concerns between her father and Lord Ranisold is something as uncertain. In more ways than one, Vespera could sympathise with her little pet.

"So Lord Ranisold, I heard that you are the one responsible for the Hallidan System's demise." Vespera's father asked the Archon of the Turbulent Stars. Lord Ranisold takes his time to answer the inquiry, sipping a glass of an electric blue concoction before he answers the venerable Archon.

"Yes I do, Archlord Veizer. But what I do is nothing compared to what you did." As they talked to each other in alarming fluidity,Vespera could only see the verbal maneuvering with poise and elegance ready to strike out upon a weakness like a serpent. But nonetheless, it appears that these two are up to something, something privy to her understanding of the situation. The paranoia of treacherous lieutenants honed her own paranoia to be as sharp as a wych blade, but even now she is uncertain about these turns of events. Both their incubi bodyguards are standing behind their seat, ready to strike out with their klaives at a moment's notice. Compared that with her own personal choice of bodyguards, she could only hope that both these bodyguards will slaughter each other before she intervene in with her own. After a while, the Archons are silent, and there is nothing but venom in the atmosphere.

"Why are you interested in my daughter?" Veizer broke the silence.
"Inyon lama-quanon." Ranisold's answer is as blunt as it is distasteful to Vespera's ears. Inyon lama-quanon, to make one subservient to the other is a concept that the Dark Eldar are all to familiar to, and the word itself is the closest thing they have to love. But it could also mean enslavement and the usurpation of power. Right now, from the looks of it, all the meanings are viable to Vespera's understanding.
"Inyon lama-quanon? It's been a while since I have heard of such devotion to something. But nonetheless, I will honestly say one thing Lord Ranisold; my daughter is not yours, she's mine. If you want her, you will have to get through me. Perhaps you have heard of what happened to Lord Arcsael?" The old Archon tilted his head in anticipation of a reply. A coy but nonetheless blatant answer.
"Yes....I have heard. Even now his face is upon your helm." Vespera could see that despite his poise, the Archon's arrogance is hurt. For some odd reason, despite her hatred of her father he does things that is advantageous to her.
"Yes, you knew. So, now that it is done, shall we continue on with this exquisite meal?" The sombre mood of dining returns once again.

"As I would say my dear daughter, you are the only person in my Kabal whom I might extend a hand of forgiveness for an assassination attempt or a coup. So of course you are precious to me." The old Archon explained as they rode back to their stronghold. The dinner ended peacefully for wanting of better words, and after they left the compound, she asked her father as for the reason why he said the things he said.

"I may not be as strong as I was, but I still have the final say for some things that concerns the Kabal's future my dear. I will play that role for as lon as I live." Vespera could only thank her father for his concerns, and was glad that she was his property after all.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Take What is Ours - Dark Eldar Vs Chaos Space Marines 1500 pts Battle Report

It's been a while since I have written a battle report, and I am now writing one of my more memorable battle reports, as it is a while since I have played a 1500 pts game. Too bad I did not take any pics, as I was kinda in the mood after a few months worth of 40k abstinence/withdrawal. 

Without further ado here's the battle report.