Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Tau codex and how I feel it changed my playstyle

Heya all and welcome back to the webway!

Now with the new Tau codex coming up on our doorstep, I am now able to see what 6th edition has in stall for my first love. 

Aesthetic-wise, the codex is a very well-crafted book, with the cover that impress and also the extension of the fluff and a given answer to the 'Commander Puretide' question that I have always asked myself; How is it that there is a multitude of master-student relationships between many Tau commanders and also the esteeemed Tau Sun Zi despite the Tau lifespan of like 40 years? Also it is interesting that Shadowsun is technically very old but is stasis-preserved along with other true Puretide students to be used for the Greater Good.