Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy 2015 with Necrons, Harlequins and Tournaments

Heya and welcome back to the webway!

It has been a while since I  did any blogging, but switching jobs is a toughie. But at least with the presence of two things this coming months I will be getting out from my fortress to raid realspace once more.

The first thing that actually allowed me to get my butt up to be more active again is that one of the LGS in my area is going to organize a tournament, and I am very excited for the tournament. Ever since 7th Edition arrived, none of the LGS in my country did a tournament and for what reasons I have no idea. Nonetheless with this tournament, quite a number of people are coming both new and old to get their armies up and running.

The second thing that made me really excited is new Necron codex and the upcoming Harlequin codex. I had my first game against the Necron last night, and suffice to say that the book does have its own interesting dirty tricks. Also with the clowns coming, it would be interesting to see what is new and how it synergizes with the Dark Eldar.

A good way to start the new year of 2015, along with my new job!