Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Dark Elves in the eyes of a Dark Eldar player

Heya all and welcome back!

Now with the new Dark Elves model being thrown towards us to be bought over, there are whole lot of things that are quite cool-looking such as the Kharybidiss. However today I am here to talk about what I am looking at for this release as a Dark Eldar player.

First of all, despite the awesomeness of some of the kits, as a 40k player I will just ignore them for the sake of keeping my priorities straight. Unfortunately that means that the big monster had lost the vote to remain on the island. Units that are rather static in nature/too fantasy-looking will also be kicked off the island, however some exceptions will be given to some things as will be explained in detail.

Thus this leaves us is what is perhaps one of the best female sculpts that had ever exited the GW factories in living memory; The ladyfolk of Naggaroth.

I will say that the most obvious models for 40kers to look for are the Witch Elves/Sisters of Slaughter as they will do very well as much better-looking and kinkier looking Wyches.

In fact thanks to the Sisters of Slaughter, you can get a whole bunch of whips that can be used as Agonisers. Also the Sister of Slaughter masks can be used by elite units such as Bloodbrides and also characters such as the Archon, Sybarites, Hekatrii and also Succubi. A good kit to get for a Dark Eldar player, and I am certain that if a Dark Eldar player has already a bucketful of bitz for Wyches such as myself, you can go wild with the conversions.

However, here is when some of you might already be scratching your head as I also included the Cauldron of Blood/ Bloodwrack Shrine as something that 40kers should look out for. Why would you care about this darn kit? Isn't it too painfully Fantasy to be used in 40k?

My answer to that is no, it has quite a number of parts that can be used in a Dark Eldar army.

For one, that entire altar without the stage can be used in making very thematic Dark Eldar terrain, as you can actually make a Incubi Shrine or something out of the Cauldron of Blood parts, while the big mirror behind the Medusa can become an objective marker.

Speaking of the Medusa itself, look at her arms, and you will see that they will act as very good weapons for the Archon, especially the clawed gauntlet. For those old school Dark Eldar player, that clawed arm can become a updated version of the clawed agoniser (which I still believe is the best agoniser).

But here is the kicker; Did you see that statue on the Cauldron of Blood at the bottom right of the WD magazine? That model is huge right? In fact a lot of the pictures showed that it is way taller than even the wyches. For those Dark Eldar players who wanted to have an Avatar but do not like a truly Craftworld  look need not look further.

That damn thing is essentially an Avatar, but a much bigger and have the looks to match it. If you managed to see the legs, it is actually striding forward like the forgeworld Avatar, and with all those spikes you can actually justify it in a Dark Eldar-Eldar army list if you use an Avatar.

I am for one very glad that I waited a little while longer before I proceed to make my Dark Eldar Avatar, as now I do not have to think too much about how to mutilate the already very dated Avatar model.

With this I will be getting a few of these once the cash starts flowing in, and I will be spending several weeks making them fit into my huge Dark Eldar army!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Terrain Board Done!

Heya all welcome back!!!

Finally managed to paint this after two days, and I must say I am impressed as to how I turned random things into a terrain.

I am now appreciating the art of scenery making. With this done now I will go to the background of the display board.

Edit: I decided to add in the family photo to see how everything fits in and I am really enjoying it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Basing and Basecoating the Display Board

Heya all and welcome back!

Real life is rough right now, and the hobby has been in the backburner for the past few weeks. But what I could do during those down times, I do it with lots of heart.

With that I can safely say that Phase 2 of my display board is now complete!

My terrain is covered with layers of fine sand found in aquariums, some rougher sand, and several different kinds of gravel. I actually enjoyed doing the basing for this as the unfinished look really reminds me of the landscape of Starship Troopers.

 And the basecoating went very well, as I learned a technique from a friend of mine to smear filler putty upon my polystyrene to coat it with a protective layer and preventing the aerosol paint from melting the polystyrene. It went very well indeed.

With that done, I can now go on to the next phase of making this display board a reality! Stay tuned for the progress!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Phase 1 of Display Board

Heya all and welcome back!

Managed to get a little bit of terrain for the display board done or to be exact all the hills. Cutting styrofoam with a foam cutter is pretty awesome and unnaturally addictive.


I was a little lost when it comes to cutting foam, as I do not know how to do the texture for rocks. But after a while of experimenting, I managed to pull it off and I must say that it looks pretty natural now.

I realized that my idea of a display board would be better served with a little rock plateau that would act as a point where my HQ would stand, and thus I carved one out to fulfill the purpose.

Creating the rocky slope from the second plateau to the first one proved to be a rather difficult challenge, as I do not know how much do I have to cut to make it blend seamlessly to the first platform.

And here is the dry fit of all the vehicles in my default 1750 pts list.  Surprisingly everything fits and I have enough space for a 2k army even with the infantry marching below. I actually am fond of the negative space that I could pull off, even with the infantry in tow (not that I have much infantry to begin with). Of course different builds could be made and be put on the display  board, and I have not even added in the other stuff, which may or may not be included in the board.

I will see how things go for now, and take my time on this undertaking. See ya all next time!