Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6th edition leaky

Heya all and welcome back! Well I have not been playing 40k for a time now, but that is because I am waiting for this edition. This edition is perhaps one of the most hyped editions of 40k so far (but that's due to the internet) and the rumours are just crazy. But then there are those that already have the book early thanks to their pre-order things. The linkie here is from one of several people who have gotten the book early (there are a few others as well)  and from my understanding of all those who have gotten the book early, I have a few initial thoughts about how it cold affect my Dark Eldar and other 40k stuff;

1) I need to take this out of my system first: The bad juju part is the 'Ally' rule. Despite its fun nature, the rule in a competitive scene can be bad as that rule can be broken like hell and back. But that saying that does not prevent me from having a farseer with fun upgrades to boost my Dark Eldar in terms of support fire and also psychic defense and some scoring jetbikes troops (at least until thir new codex comes into play)

3) A lot of the issues that I have talked about in my previous blogpost,  'Warhammer 40k Episode VI - The New Rules~' have been answered to a degree if not help mitigate the problems of 5th. This is quite interesting for me as my transition from 4th to 5th is not like this at all.

4) Flyers would have some interesting role in the game now, especially when the Necrons could spam an entire army of flyers (as compared to the other races three flyers). I sense that the build will be quite formidable in combination with some Necron trickery.

Oh and did I mention that a dead flyer could bring down a few bastards down with it? Nice indeed.

5) In general I would also have to say that the game is also turning more mobile than before. How this would affect the threat assessments of some units (2D6 charging, etc) could take some work to figure out.

Xenos armies with skimmers are going to be hitting fast and hard. They do not have to suffer the 'snap fire' rule (shooting at BS 1 when it comes to certain situations) especially when the 'Aerial Assault' rule could become a generalized rule for most Xenos.

6) For the Dark Eldar, I think that there are some significant boosts that could propel a Dark Eldar army  even further than before, such as the Warlord trait. But of course there are some nerfs that we would have to take but it is done to prevent situations such as a Stormraven rush. My wyches will be affected most by this, but nonetheless my army in general works best in the movement and shooting phase.

With that, I am now very interested in getting my grubby hands on the book. It will be a very interesting edition.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

6th edition is coming!!!!

Well, the 6th is coming and that means new rules (both good and bad) and this means I have the whole summer to learn the way to make my armies work in this new system.

And it looks like the new Space Marine posterboys are the Dark Angels.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New stuff and my to-paint list for this summer....

With only two more weeks till my spring term is officially over I am glad that now I got so much free time for this summer till the next fall comes to being! Just yesterday, I have gotten my shipment of 2 Razorwing fighters and also 2 Venoms to complete my massive armada of vehicles and boy are those things beautiful. Add these four beauties with my roving biker gangs (I think I have at least 21 Reaver jetbikes or so, maybe more), and I have myself a summer painting project!

This and 6th edition and the apparent second wave of flyers will give me loads of sexy hobby time for this summer.