Sunday, July 28, 2013

A summary of the 2 vs 2 with my gaming buddies - Dual Wraithknight and Eldar/Eldar Venomspam vs Tau Riptide/Farsight bomb Spam and Eldar/Deathwing

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This Saturday I was asked by my Eldar friend to team up with him to fight against two other players buddies of ours, and essentially the idea is to bring 'cheesy' lists to the table. They requested me to bring a Venomspam list (but I one-up them with a farseer and some bikes just for psychic powers and I took the Baron) and I complied. As for my teammate, he was wondering what he should bring, and I said bring a Seer Council and two Wraithknights supported by three Wave Serpents. He took the idea and we said to ourselves that our plan is simple; kill them all.

One of our opponents brought a Farsight bomb with three Riptides with two skyrays and one hammerhead, while the other brought in lots of War Walkers with some allied Deathwing terminators, Belial, and a Tactical squad.

Suffice to say, there is a lot of murder on the board as my team was able to get the first turn (thanks to the Baron), reducing their reserve roll by 1 (My warlord trait), and nightfighting. I have forgotten my friend's warlord trait as he rolled from the Iyanden book, but it was also delicious from my memory.

The mission was The Relic, and we deployed using the short table edge. As you could see from my team's deployment, we are essentially using the combination of cover provided by the ruins and also the Serpent's Shield and also Wraithknights. In addition, all my stuff have Nightshields so their guns would not be able to reach us.

Our opponent's failed to seize, and the game begin with the Wraithknight jumping forward and using its Heavy D-cannons killed the first Riptide by instakilling it. Lots of firepower was brought forward during the first voley, and whatever that could not shoot turboboost.

As you could all see, we essentially took control of the relic within the first turn and also occupy the sweet spot of our armies.

Sadly for our opponents, their next two turns are horrible as the combination of bad luck and also my warlord trait failed to let them have their reserves to come in to save them. By the time of our third turn, two riptides are already dead, and we are on our merry way with the relic. My force bore the brunt of the opponent's shooting, and thus a few vehicles were slain as a result of this.

Amazingly thanks to Protect/Jinx, the Deathwing that arrived had a 3+ armour save rather than their 2+ and thus with that my Venoms came in and with a cast of Doom from both of us (Yes, both my friend and myself managed to get Doom for one of our powers) we killed them mercilessly. The Farsight bomb that came did not fare any better as they too suffered the same treatment.

This picture above was taken before the Farsight bomb was murdered down to the last man. So much for Shadowsun's super shield thing. By about this time, the last Riptide and the Spiritseer warlord was also murdered by the two Wraithknights. By the end of their 3rd turn, they conceded as both the Wraithknights are poised to shoot and charge the Tau firebase. while my Venoms are poised to kill their infantry units as well.

With several linebreakers in their lines, their warlords slain, and the relic in our deployment zone, we won this very convincingly and brutally. It was hilarious to see our opponent's reactions when we told them about all the Eldar trickery that we could pull off. A good game overall, but the only regret I have is that I do not remember too much about anything else to write a battle report about this and will have to do with a summary.

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