Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Edition, New Dark Eldar, New Orks, New Daemons and New CSM

Greetings Realspacers,

It has been ages since I have blogged, but that is due to several sequence of real-life events and also 40k burnout. In fact for almost the entire year of 2016 till the dawn of 8th Edition, I have been just staying away from 40k. 7th edition is a mess of rules and often times I feel that I am studying for an exam rather than enjoying the game. So during the interim period of a year, I have been playing a little more Blood Bowl (Awesome btw) and also some MTG Commander.

Fortunately GW in many ways realized the stupidity of it all and decided to revamp the rules in such a way that everyone is now a blank slate once more. Lots of whining from many people, but personally I find it refreshing that the rules are easily accessible.

For some reason, I find that 8th edition really reminds me of 4th edition, with the way assault, target priority and leadership works. In many ways I am adapting much better to 8th than most people and
with this edition, I have returned and I have brought my armies from 8th edition alongside an army that was always in cold storage due to it often being collateral in my Daemon expansion; My Night Lords.

Before I move on to speak about my experiences with 8th edition, I have to speak about what is essentially my most freshest army; The Night Lords. These guys somewhat came along a while back during the time where I am just adding on to my Tzeentch elements and they are kinda the extras. Before long, more and more of the abandoned models slowly came into my home, and with Cataphractii terminators, Tartaros Terminators, Raptors, Predators, Vindicators and other such fell units of the CSM joining my pile I literally have around a few thousand points of Night Lords.

In a way the CSM came into my life the same way most of my Orks and Dark Eldar came into my life; being adopted as a result of their owners abandoning them in droves.

Due to the way I have procured them, my Night Lords is more or less a very infantry heavy army and with the way 8th edition reserves work they are essentially the closest thing I have to a Null Deployment army as the list that I have decided to run with my Night Lords consist primarily of Terminators and Raptors. So far they have did very well due to the changes on how shooting works and also the way close combat works (Combi-plasma, Meltas and power axes for the win). They are essentially the army that I bring around as my main secondary army due to how compact they are.

My Orks on the other hand is hands down my most effective close combat army as the prospect of having 6 attacks on the charge for normal boyz with the right stacks really pushed me towards a battlewagon heavy list with lots of boyz in them, supported by lots of auras and also psychic gifts. On the note of psychic powers, the Weirdboyz are utterly amazing and I have pulled out enough tricks with them that I have reserved a spot for the Weirdboy. Also with how everything is just basically a sack of wounds, punching everything with boyz and klaws are amazingly viable and perhaps as always, the best  way to play Orks is the simplest way; move fast, charge hard.

My Tzeentchian daemons are untested, but that is due to me sending them over to my good old friend Carl Lum for his paintworks, and they would take a while to come back to me. But based upon how it goes, it would be a very FMC heavy list with lots of chariots. The pic that adorn this post is the first batch of my whole Tzeentch army that was completely painted.

As for my Dark Eldar, they came off to a bad start for 8th Edition gamewise, but that is due to me underestimating the reduction of damage output of a Dark Eldar blaster and also my opponent and I did so many mistakes (from miscalculating the point cost to forgetting vital rules). However I have learned a lot and now have decided that I would be taking out blasterborns and also normal 5-men kabalites with blaster as I am now focusing on the weapons that truly matter for the Dark Eldar; Dark Lances and Splinter cannons. Of course, Splinter cannons are nerfed when it come to firing its maximum amount of firepower at range, but the nerf is a little better for my style of play due  to my preference for medium ranged firefights. My army composition will have more dark lance and phantasm grenade launchers, and the blasters will be reserved only for Archons.

On the note of the archon, they are just priced amazingly, and for the same build in 6th-7th edition, I would be paying more than twice the cost of the current Archon. Only gripe I have is that there are no middle-ground HQ for Dark Eldar. I personally would appreciate the Dark Eldar equivalent of a Space Marine Captain. Dark Eldar vehicles as a whole are generally more durable, which is a nice thing for me but I wished that they were a little faster than Eldar vehicles (and no, assault weapons does not make it faster).

Nonetheless, with this, I can finally go about with my proper fluff setting for my Kabal which is originally a trueborn Kabal to begin with.

Only stickler is just that the way my army works, it appears that Ynnari is the best option for me in order to optimize my firepower generation but the true Dark Eldar in me is saying 'NOPE'.

 My list looks something like this for 2500 pts which can be Dark Eldar or Ynnari(which is the usual game size for 8th in my area);

CP: 7 pts
Spearhead Detachment
1 Archon with Agoniser, Blaster and Phantasm Grenade Launcher
3 Ravagers with 3 Lances and Shock Prow

Spearhead Detachment
1 Archon with Agoniser, Blaster and Phantasm Grenade Launcher
3 Ravagers with 3 Lances and Shock Prow

Vanguard Detachment
1 Archon with Agoniser, Blaster and Phantasm Grenade Launcher
2 squads of 8 Trueborns with 2 Dark lances and a Dracon with agoniser
1 squad of 5 Trueborns with 2 Dark lances

Dedicated Transport
2 Raider with Dark Lance and Shock Prow
1 Venom with 2 splinter cannons

Vanguard Detachment
1 Archon with Agoniser, Blaster and Phantasm Grenade Launcher
3 squad of 5 Trueborns with 2 Dark lances

Dedicated Transport
3 Venom with 2 splinter cannons

Yes, I know that that is a hell a lot of Dark Lances, but with the way the edition is going about I would need to dish out enough nonsense to get even with my opponents and the way my meta is forming up. Also, I personally hate Wave Serpents and they deserve to die painful deaths.

Also of note is that due to prolonged usage of my vehicles, a number of my raiders and ravagers have literally crumbled and would warrant me to get a whole new set of vehicles just to replace the ones that crumbled. This also gives me the chance to finally get sets of Kabalite Sky Splinter boxes as those boxes are now value city for me due to the needs of more bodies to put my Dark Lances on and also more Raiders.

With that it appears that my armies are more or less set for the first few months of 8th Edition.

See ya next time!

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