Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Objective Markers

Heya all and welcome back!

It took me two years, but finally I am done painting my objectives!

I have been searching far and wide for some DE Slaves model, and I am lucky to get my hands on enough for five objectives. For the slaves, I decided that I want each of my slaves to be of a different race, and seriously in the future, there should be more races than White people. So with that I went on painting and researching about skin tones and I managed to get the gist of all the races that I want to use.

For the first objective, I went with an African and also a White person. For some reason, when I was painting the African, I decided to play around with an Ororo Monroe (A.k.a Storm from X-men) hair colour and it works to contrast it. 

The African slave
The White Slave

The second objective, I decided to play around with painting an Asian person, and this one is perhaps the easiest as I got my own skin as a reference. I got the banner from Reaper miniatures.

For this one, I went with a Latino skin colour, and I also wanted to model a shisha (Hookah) for the sake of not making the base too empty. While painting this model, I find that Latino skin is quite hard to do as I have to balanced it out somehow so that it does not end up as a fair African person or a dark White person. In those regards, I succeeded.

For this one, I went on ahead and tried a more Arabic skin colour, thus playing around with beige a lot more. Luckily I have enough contact with Middle Easterners to know how much beige I should put in and for that I am happy that it turned out the way it did. The banner is also a challenge as I wanted to paint more texture on the banner. I am somewhat successful in this regard, but I wished that I would make it more realistic. Sadly enough I am not willing to thinner this out due to the person below. I believe that if I want to rework any of the slaves it will be this one.

Last but not least, I wanted a redhead among all my slave girls and she came up with perhaps the best redhead hair colour that I had ever done. I am satisfied with her hair colour for sure. I am guilty of thinking about  Scarlett Johansson when I was painting her.

Overall, I managed to pull off the majority of the world's skin colour when I painted these gals and for that I felt that I accomplished a threshold in my painting capabilities. These models may be old and may look a little odd with the range at times, but they deserved the attention I gave them (especially with the rusted chains and stuff which is hard to see from most of the picture).

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