Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Display Board Backdrop done!

Heya all and welcome back!
After a while trying to figure out photoshop and stuff, I managed to create the backdrop for my display board! Using several images and stuff, I pulled this off enough.
These are the images I have used for the back drops;
1) Port of Lost Souls - I wanted another image of Commorragh, but the I realized that getting out from a port makes more sense.
 2) Swirly typhoon thing - To make the eye of the portal.

 3) Hyperspace tunnel - to give it that webway look, and a sense of acceleration.

After a while of doing this, and some final sharpening and enhancement of the picture by Mr. Chaos (He is always an awesome real-life friend I have, as I get to see almost all of his epic painting projects in real-life) , 'Escape from Commorragh' (as I like to call my backdrop) is now complete!

Overall, I am bloody pleased with it. Now to the printing!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this post.this is a nice display boardhaving good image quality.its really a good product

  2. Thank you Sahil. I impressed a number of people in regards to my display board. :-)

  3. Neat backdrop! What did you print it on?