Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few new things.....

My god realspace is annoying as hell and I can't do much for the past few months, but now that I am back in the Webway to talk about things that mattered to my happiness.

Now first things first; I managed to settle myself down enough that I am allowed some free time for myself at times (despite the monstrous standards of competition in the US education system) and the occassional buying of 40k models despite the hectic pace of my life means that my US kabal is growing in a rate I never knew possible; I now got 1 Old school Archon, 5 Incubi, 1 Succubus, 3 Ravagers, 1 New Raider, and 1 converted old school raider.

I know that the money is supposed to be spent on something better, but most often I find myself not spending much to begin with, and thus buying minis proved to be my only vice (other than that of food, but everyone loves a good meal).

Here are the pics of some of the vehicles (Only the pic of the converted old Raider is new, the rest are quite dated).

The Ravager

The Converted Raider

The Old School Archon (Perhaps my favourite model from the old Range, second only to the Raider)

The majority of my stuff are PIP (Painting in Progress) which is kinda sad as I am not in any condition to even play a game these days, but by buying, painting, and building some of these stuff, I am able to sustain my soul a little in the face of overwhelming workload in the quarterly system of Portland State University. I do have friends and all that, but they do not share my taste in hobby, so I would say 'oh well....'

Anothr good news in regards to 40k is that most likely I would get the shipment of the other half of my army included with the stuff that my dear family wants to ship to me (Noodles, bowls, chopsticks, etc). So in more ways than one, the growth of my Kabal could be back in full swing. 

Of course with that saying, building the Kabal would be a long process and I swear to god....I can't go about it in my normal way of churning out good stuff instantly. Now I got to feed myself, take my subjects into consideration, and juggle with the fact of real-life into the mix of my hobby. But hey, it is shitty stuff like that that makes my hobby ever more precious to me.

And damn it, I have to get back to till another time,

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