Monday, June 20, 2011

The Mustering of the Kabal

Hello all, I am back in the Webway after so bloody long, and the summer is here. And with my ass back into the hobby I went on a rather mad frenzy of building my army and painting it. But with that I need to prioritize a few things in order for me to get the gist of how best I can bring the army in full force and in technicolor....

Thus withy that in mind I lay out the few things that would be the basis of what I need to bring a force of my own on the table;

1) Repaint - I realized that solid colors of yellow takes too much time, and somewhat cartoonish at the same time. Thus I decided to try something that would fit the equation of being sinister and also easy to paint at the same time. I lused one of my converted Archons as a labrat to see what suits my tastes and also need best. The results?

This is the high-end of the color scheme that fits with my original idea of using Yellow and black. The methods for the normal grunts and vehicles will be much simpler than the color scheme that I used for this guy, but enough to make it above tabletop-standard.

2)Rethink Theme - Fluffwise, nothing changed for the Kabal of the Rapturous Venom, and I still like the Trojan/Egyptian eye hieroglyphs so I kept them. The majority of my army is Kabal-based, so that was also taken into account. 

3) Paint the Vehicles first - These will be the things that I will deploy and therefore the units that will be seen by all. Therefore, the vehicles should be the first things painted in my army. With that in mind, I went on a painting frenzy. The pics will tell what I did whenever I got free time for the past two weeks;

Right now I am doing several things at once and thanks to the weird process of painting that I use, I managed to complete 3 Raiders and a Ravager, 80% done with the Venoms and second ravager, and 50% done with the last Ravager. There are more vehicles to paint, but those vehicles will only be used in much larger games, so I do not see the need to paint the other two converted old-school raiders and a converted Venom from a Vyper.

Some interesting effects I managed to create using the most basic of techniques. Drastic layering, washing and highlighting all come into play to make everything pop up.

First time painting cockpits, so I was a little intimidated, but in the end I guess I did well enough. I would love to blend it, but I realized that it will really burn me away if I do so. So with that some simple layering did the job.

4) Play games to see if I am painting the right things - It is always a bummer when you painted something so welll but it never gets on the table. With that I tried to get as much games as possible. Last Wednesday I managed to get two games (and those are my first games in ages) against a Nidzilla army (3 Trygons, Swarmlord, stuff like that). For the first game I managed to make the Nid player concede within two turns, and for the second game, it was won by the nid player, but just barely (this is due to me intentionally taking the bait and wanting to see my army perform under adversity).

Suffice to say, I am quite pleased with the list I build and I will continue on painting the vehicles (especially the Venoms, they make me a happy bastard).

So far everything works according to plan, but that's when #5 comes into play;

5) Real-life situations-  I will be going back to my home country for at least 1 1/2 months. So right now, I will try to paint as much as I could before I go back. Not sure if I should bring my Dark Eldar with me or not for  I do not want to carry so much luggage and I may be following my sister to the US as a chaperon of sorts, so bringing an army is kinda impractical.

SO with that, that's the progress of my life and my Kabal. Will be coming back with more stuff.


  1. Very nice army. Just found your blog. Looks great. I am enjoying it. keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Since this will be my main and only army in the US, I will try to put as much love as I could give while also making sure that I will not burn out from the effort. :P