Friday, September 2, 2011

A minuscule update....

Heya all, I just came back to Portland but sadly enough, there isn't too much going on.

As of this moment, I am just basing some of my models and....ur.....that's about it. No assembly of any kind nor  conversions. In addition, I would also need to do the final finishing steps on the Venoms, and paint the Wyches and Haemonculi. And just in case, I would also paint like a few Kabalite warriors.

Add that with being a tour guide/ vacation buddy for my mom who came all the way from Malaysia to have her first vacation outside the country for 14 years (she really deserved this vacation), and yeah, real-life can put wrenches in army completion. But the real-life is always the thing that makes one enjoy the hobby even more. 

Will be back with more stuff.

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