Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Greenskins March - Stompas and Dakkajets completed!

Heya welcome back to the webway!

Right now I am quite happy to say that my Waargh!!! for the Apocalypse battle is complete (at least for the big things), and all this within a span of a month! I am always rather surprised on how Orks are the most stress-free when it comes to painting and also converting them and they are a stark contrast to my Dark Eldar.

As you can see in the pic, the cat brought in another Stompa! This one was made out of cardboard and other stupid gubbins in my kit (which amazingly gave me yet another stompa). I will call this Long John as he is rather skinny. 

I also managed to get my hands on an airbrush and within a few short moments with it I went ahead
with some rather impressive effects for a dude who handled his airbrush for the first time.

 I also managed to finish all my jets, and man they are fun to build and paint! The two scratchbuild ones are build out of even more random garbage and also leftovers from the stompas. Also since I failed to sell away my Devilfishes, I decided that as a true ork, I will need to loot them.

Sadly enough the pic of the other Dakkajet is corrupted, so this pic will have to make do. This pic was taken when I am arranging them for the next few pictures.

And now here is a group pic of some of the orks I have painted, along with some of the boyz.

I can't wait to use them all in the upcoming battle and beat face with them! Now I will proceed with painting the other nonsensical ork things. Until next time, see ya!

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