Sunday, November 20, 2011

A day well spent

On Saturday morning (and by morning I mean around 5am), I managed to get all the papers that are due on the same day done (pending editing), and since I am so hyped about getting the work done I did not sleep and decided to let loose and get my wargaming fix at Knightfall Games around 10.30 and arriving on location at around 11am via the bus.

The day only got better as when I entered the store, they are having a 2k points tournament and everyone but one player is not playing. Apparently they needed a 'ringer' to make all the matches even and not have a match with a 'by'. Unlike most 'by' systems that I know off, apparently having a by in the store means that you have quite a number of disdavantages in terms of points to be earned in the game.Since everyone in the store is playing in the tournament, and being a ringer means that I don't have to worry about winning prizes (in fact I can't to make things fair to those that are already playing the games midway) and stuff and play like there's no tomorrow I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Due to the fact that I did not really think about making a real battle report this time round, I am unable to report in detail about the games and thus I made a very brief summary of the mission and how it went.

With me not having so much restrictions on being truly competitive, I decided to make a list with two things I wanted to try out; my duck (Razorwing) and a small squad of Reavers with a heat lance. Everything else in the list are stuff I am really familiar with, and with that I entered into the tournament as a ringer.

I got three games that day, with my first match against Razors-Longfangs spam with a dash of Thunderwolf Space Wolves in a fairly standard game of Capture and Control. The Wolf player is more aggressive with his army and actually moved (ZOMG!!!!) forward to my objectives to gun me down and earned my respect for doing so. Despite my bad deployment and his amazing dice rolls to shoot me, Igotten a tie against the SW player despite my overwhelming casualties. But due to the fact that as they are having a last call, SW player begged me to let me give him a turn 6 (the game length is fixed at 6 turns, but the timer is ticking and we only got 5 minutes). After a short consideration I allowed him to have his 6th turn as: 1) he really asked me really nicely , 2) I feel so empowered by a Razor-longfang spam player begging for a win , and 3) and I am in a really good mood as I am allowed to play and relieve my stress. In addition, I earned myself a moral victory my killing his general which amounted to some points apparently.

The second game is against another Dark Eldar player and the mission that we played allows vehicles (of any kind and slot) and Monstrous creates in addition to our troops to score provided that they are in the enemy's deployment zone. To cut a long story short, I allowed his fast things to come into my territory to be slaughtered, and then I moved on to kill his MCs and pushed everything into his deployment zone and kill everything that is left in his deployment zone, overwhelmingly won my game.It was odd ending the game with me trying to kill Drazhar while trying to not leave his deployment zone as he is the only model left in the army and he's running around in my deployment zone. The player is a really good sport and we made a lot of  good jokes about our armies and each other's army.

The third game gave us a weird scenario where we are on a weird daemon world that is filled with food (I kid you not) and we have to roll each turn for the effect that would happen to both of us. My Dark Eldar is up against a DoA army, which in itself easy pickings once I gave him the first turn and only got better when I decided to reserve everything. The turn effect that happened on turn  proved to be a boon for me as the effect of the turn states that any model that moves more than 6" will suffer a dangerous terrain test. Since he is deepstriking everything, he have to make a ridiculous amount of dangerous terrain test which proved to be a pain for him. As for me, I could not care less about the modifier and just moved normally and passed all my dangerous terrain tests. The situation only got better for me for the next turn as the result that we rolled is that all units will be able to move an additional 3". Since I am Dark Eldar, more speed= awesome sauce. I managed to decisively moved to place I thought I needed two turns to position my self and kill everything but the terminators. The last turn that we played is what I would call a Dark Eldar fair fight: Everything will open fire at the terminators until they all die which they obligingly did.

As the tournament came to a close, I was already feeling good for myself as I managed to massacre two armies in a row (well the Dark Eldar player has one model left, but essentially it amounts to a massacre) for a tie/loss-on-goodwill. The game store owner decided to give me a gift for my participation as a ringer; a metal Dark Eldar Beastmaster. When I got the gift, I was really happy as I essentially won a gift without even paying the fee to enter the tournament. After the announcing of the winners and stuff I decided to check up on how did I fare in the tournament and was pleased to find out that barring any sportsmanship scores and painting comp scores, I am one of the better players in the tournament (Upper-middle as the store guy mentioned to me).

The trip to Knightfall Games is really worthwhile for me due to three things;

1) I am able to relieve stress and get a fix for my wargaming desires

2) I managed to get a model without paying for it

3) I managed to playtest two units I always wanted to try out and they proved amazing on every front (Razorwing with its flamboyant display of fireworks and Reavers with their fly-by slashing really made the difference in a lot of my games). 

With that I will say it is a good day.

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