Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Army Of Torturers!

Heya all, and welcome back to the webway!

 With my Dark Eldar essentially complete (barring the things that I need to paint/assemble as dictated by need) and also the desire to not lunge around a whole lot of Dark Eldar whenever I want to play, I have decided to start a new army; Ravenwing. I mean why not? The Space Marines that tortures others to let them repent and also are the first Space Marine Legion ever created....sounds good to me.

Of course right now, I am still deciding whether or not I really want the iconography of the Ravenwing on my stuff (With the exception of that Tall feather thing and also the winged biker plates) and other weaponry on my Ravenwing and also to figure out a colour scheme that does not involve black unless I have to. Nonetheless I believe that I have enough Ravenwing bikers and speeders to start the army in full swing.

This army is more akin to a fun army rather than my more cutthroat Dark Eldar army, but still I would like for it to hold its own against a majority of forces. The army is also meant to be really portable, so most likely I will not include any flyers at all despite the temptations to do so. I also would like to 'bling' this army out bad just because I want to use a lot of bitz and not to mention that is how I tend to envision a Space Marine army anyway.

Once I get my hands on the book and stuff, I will be able to finalized this particular army's battle plan.

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