Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ravenwing update - some WIP models

Heya all and welcome back!

Well, life has been quite busy, but at least I got some time on Martin Luther King to finally sit down and go about making two very interesting models. These are work in progress as I do not have the parts and/or decisiveness to choose a wargear and also that I am going to do more work on them.

Without further ado, here is the first bad boy of the bunch; the Techmarine. 

I find him to be one of my most enjoyable kit-bashes and also conversion, as I essentially used exclusively Ravenwing parts to make this guy without spending a penny. Some putty here and there, and some blade work gave birth to this guy. So far, I am uncertain about what kind of weapon I should give him other than the melta and also whether I want to model him sitting on the bike or standing next to his bike in a calm, collected manner.

The second model would be my Biker Librarian.

This guy take a lot of work, as I essentially went on to sculpt the cloak and his scarf to fit the mood of the model. That and there are some putty work and serious bladework on fitting the book and other nonsense on his back. I am very satisfied with this guy as he looks like he is pausing to cast a power or something. Weapon-wise I am highly unsure about what kind of force weapon I would like to give him.

The librarian would be an auto-include in my army as I like Prescience, but the Techmarine is more like me wanting to go a little crazy on my conversions. Either that or I can always include him with the Librarian and Sammael in a Ravenwing Command Squad with the Banner of Awesomeness (Whatever Banner I want to field for the day) and be happy that they could potentially survive enough shots or something. Not even sure about the Ravenwing Command Squad, but I guess I can always put them in for fun and for the Dakka.

See ya on the bounce!

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