Friday, February 1, 2013

A rare post about a certain game.

Heya all,

Now I know that I do not even talk about Warmachine often, but I will admit that  I am a fan of Steampunk. The problem I have with Warmachine is twofold; firstly I often hate the design of the Jacks as they look rather cartoon-ish to me and secondly, it is a skirmish-like game. Of course, Skirmishes are cool sometime but I just do not feel like it is a warzone proper and that is often secondary to the looks of the game which I felt was important to me in any game.

Now, Privateer Press came out with a race that I would really enjoy looking at as it is not cartoon-ish and has a rather gritty feel that is oddly proportionate and functional.

Say hello to the Convergence of Cyriss.

Looks interesting, although I do not understand the mechanics of Warmachine at all. But whether I would jump into warmachine.....I can still say confidently that I would not be playing this game in the foreseeable  future.

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