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Some simple thoughts about 'Flying Under The Radar: Dark Eldar in 6th Edition"

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I have been noticing that several 40k blogrolls have been posting this particular article called 'Flying UNder the Radar: Dark Eldar in 6th Edition' ( and I am rather intrigued by this as everyone has been cutting and pasting the contents of this article into their own blogs. Although this article deserves a share since it is one of those few pro-Dark Eldar articles, I would really just state my 'to-the-point' opinion about the content rather than just blindly putting it out there and repeating it like a parrot.

Reading the article, I would agree that most if not all of the points are quite spot on and there is a need to play to our strengths even more than most armies. In addition, the army is perhaps one of the armies that forces you to think in terms of geometric angles as our army as a whole needs to exploit angles of attack. For example, all of our vehicles are lacking turrets, thus forcing us to think about the importance of our pivoting and also facing of our armor whenever we make the kill. Our infantry units will also have to do some work in breaking some of the bubble wraps so that we could reach to the juicy core.

I also love how the blogger talks about the unexpectedness of Dark Eldar, as Dark Eldar is one of those factions that people rarely play against and with a mostly MEQ environment Marines often underestimate what the Dark Eldar could do. With the reduced presence of Rhinos and Razorbacks and how everyone and their uncle wanted to play a more infantry-based Marine army, Dark Eldar players with enough experience would often find that the Dark Eldar list excels against tough, elite units. 

Listbuilding is also a point that I really love about the book, as most of the time the 'internetz' in general are blabbering about how some things are useless and some are broken and most of the time they overestimate some units and underestimate others. As a Xenos player, I find that there are many little things in some of the books that one can use in a huge web of synergy. At least that is how I found out about how there are alternate ways of playing Dark Eldar, especially the Hellionstar which is like what I call my fun army. A shooty webway portal list is also in the works, just that it is so hard to put in stuff that you need to have an extensive conversion while you do not have the time to do so. *Sad face*

Of course that saying, there are some points that I feel that the post did not address at all or very vaguely. For example, it does not address horde armies in general which is an interesting point as the meta/kneejerk response to 6th edition is to blob up and some armies are happy to do so like IG and Orks.

In conclusion, this article is consistent with my experiences with 6th edition with my Dark Eldar.

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