Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back from the doomlands!!!!

Heya all,

It's been a bloody while since I have written in this blog, and that is due to the commitments in life other than those of 40k but with the next term coming, I can finally say that I am going to graduate! Yay! I managed to play some games, but I have not written a battle report in a long while. Very soon........

As for the 40k scene I have essentially missed out on a number of things, mainly those of the Daemons releases and stuff, and I have to say after getting the book I can see that Daemons have a drastic rewrite and the book is a very odd mix of both power and randomness, but one that works somehow. My Mono-Tzeentch army will see a lot of models coming its way and I managed to get myself some of the old metal models from both the 1st-2nd edition era and the 3rd -4th edition models (both of which are better than the plastic ones in my honest opinions) to last me for a long time ahead.

I really can't wait to jump in to my Daemons once I return to Malaysia, as I truly enjoy Daemons for precisely that freaky random reason! Some people are moaning, but honestly if you are a hardcore tournament player you can either discard the book or make a broken army out of it. That's how I always see any army book.

And then the rumours of the Tau strikes back......

(Shwon below is my reaction)

I am honestly quite happy that the Tau are finally getting an update, but at the same time I hope that it is not a sad one. So far I am reading the rumours but nonetheless I find myself just waiting for the book so that I know what to expect. Tau is my first love and is the faction that I started playing to learn 40k, and thus I dearly hoped that they could keep the flavour of the Tau just as they have done with the other 6th edition books so far.

And then there are the new GW policies that people are moaning about and also the Miniwargaming video, and honestly I will just say that I love the hobby but I can no longer defend it. Everyone is entitled to what they think, and there are some good reasons and some bad reasons about why GW did what they did. Based upon my personal experience with a friend who used to be a GW distributor, I can say that GW sometimes expect too much from a retailer.

With that I bid thee adieu!

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