Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Basing and Basecoating the Display Board

Heya all and welcome back!

Real life is rough right now, and the hobby has been in the backburner for the past few weeks. But what I could do during those down times, I do it with lots of heart.

With that I can safely say that Phase 2 of my display board is now complete!

My terrain is covered with layers of fine sand found in aquariums, some rougher sand, and several different kinds of gravel. I actually enjoyed doing the basing for this as the unfinished look really reminds me of the landscape of Starship Troopers.

 And the basecoating went very well, as I learned a technique from a friend of mine to smear filler putty upon my polystyrene to coat it with a protective layer and preventing the aerosol paint from melting the polystyrene. It went very well indeed.

With that done, I can now go on to the next phase of making this display board a reality! Stay tuned for the progress!

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