Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Terrain Board Done!

Heya all welcome back!!!

Finally managed to paint this after two days, and I must say I am impressed as to how I turned random things into a terrain.

I am now appreciating the art of scenery making. With this done now I will go to the background of the display board.

Edit: I decided to add in the family photo to see how everything fits in and I am really enjoying it.


  1. Nice board, really like the colour. How large did you make it, 2' by 2' ?

    Did you spray it first, or undercoat by hand ?


  2. Heya Rathstar,

    It is a 1 3/4' x 2" board. It is odd, but it can at least safely fit 1750 pts -2000 pts of models on it.

    I undercoated the base by hand, and man turquiose is such a soothing colour to look at.

    I am most impressed by the fact that the bases and the board blended so well to the point that they are slotbased into the display board.