Wednesday, June 4, 2014

7th edition, Gorkanaouts and Rogue Trader Roleplay..these are a few of my favourite thibgs.....

Heya all and it has been ages since I blogged. Life has really messed up my blogging time but that does notnmean I am not with the 40k community.

7th edition came and I had played my first game of 7th woth my Dark Eldar against a Necron with a transcendent C'tan and suffice to say I am surprised by a few thibgs.

1) The c'tan is tough. My poisoned feels crappy against it.

2) my skimmer's survival are almost godlike. Surviving like that is previously impossible.

3) Everything is scoring! Good o' 4th ed, and with objective secured special rules, my idea of always putting the max amount of troops pays off.

On that note, the new Ork models are absolutely stunning and seeing it makes me a very happy Ork player! Time to have an army of Gorkanaut/Morkanaut along with the other ork goodies....of course being an ork I will do my best to make scrathcbuild gorkanauts/morkanauts once I get the idea of the scale of the model.

Thirdly due to me slowing down on the wargaming aspect of 40k, I decided to start a Rogue Trader Roleplay and suffice to say my group and I are really enjoying this RP. It is interesting to see macroeconomics, ship combat and the normal swashbuckling aspects in an RP.

I will do my best to post more of my nonsense once the orks arrive. See ya all on the bounce!

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