Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Coven, Coven everywhere......

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With the new Dark Eldar codex around the corner, the seeping pain from my wallet has finally begun. 

Now I will be honest, I hated the old new haemonculus as I really hated the darn crucified Jesus look, and preferred the older models (I am fortunate to get enough of them). And I always asked myself, why did GW even approved the idiot?

He was one of the models I really hoped they would remake but I really doubt that it will happen. And then this happened......

And my reaction was......

I mean look at the details and also the aesthetic......this thing is exactly how I imagine a Haemonculus to be. Not too much on the armour and bondage, but more flesh and also less retarded pose and weird spider arms. This model has the right amount of everything.

Suffice to say, despite my general abhorrence to single model plastic, I will make an exception for this guy.

Along with the Haemonculus, came what is perhaps one of the most requested models to be turned into plastic for all Dark Eldar players everywhere; Wracks.

 Now this guys.....I always loved them, and indeed I bought like 5 boxes of them while they are in finecast. However, my experiences with them when it comes to building material is more or less iffy as they are more fragile than even the normal Dark Eldar plastics and that stopped me from buying more. I knew that if GW wants to take our money, they better make these guys plastic.

Suffice to say I am quite happy with this decision.

They are a subtle kind of upgrade to the Finecast wracks and indeed for a person who have no idea about these guys, they looked the same. However to a Dark Eldar connoisseur, there are a few differences that could be spotted right away. For one, the masks have a little more variety now, and also the boney racks are quite different from the Finecast ones. I also noticed that they now have a little more variety on their clubs as well.

Now we move on to the more obvious things.....

 Weapon-wise, I knew this would have to happen and being plastic means having a new weapon option, and the name of this baby is the Ossefactor. For some reason, I have a hunch that it is a weapon that wounds depending upon toughness value or something that affects that. Hearing that they could get power mauls also interests me, as I really wonder what would be the true benefit of that. It is nice, but I really am rather fond of the poisoned weapons. Scissorshand is now in plastic, but I think it would not truly have a grand difference in the game (unless they make it like a flesh gauntlet).

Another fun thing I noticed is that now they gave you the parts to make Wrack pilots and gunners, which is a nice thing for all the coven players out there.

The White Dwarf also gave us a weird new mini-game to play with, but I really don't bother too much with this.

 There is also a weird new spray that will be coming with these releases, and I kinda have a feeling I know what would the colour be. Nonetheless it is a nice thing.

However my greatest nergasm is about to come, as this is shown at the end of the book;

I reallllllly want the darn Voidraven, and I really want it to be a dual kit like the Stormfang/Stormtalon, and I know I will get 3 of each if that happens! I am a dumbass that way, but hey I love Dark Eldar!

Gamewise, I am honestly not too bothered with the soon-to-be changes as I really have a stupidly large Dark Eldar army that I know will withstand the test of time.

I am pleased so far with the releases, as it captures the feel of the Covens the way I always imagined them to be. Now if only they release those Grotesque in plastic.......but that is a tall order of a dream for now.

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