Friday, September 5, 2014

Dark Eldar Coming!

Heya all, it has been a while since I posted anything, but this time there is a true reason.

Dark Eldar is coming!

So far from what the rumours are chirping about, I am seeing a Voidraven, a new Vect on Dais, and a weird book called Artifex. No idea what the hell the book is supposed to be, but I must say that times are good for a Dark Eldar.

The reason why I actually did not game too much with my Dark Eldar recently is because, I find my book suffering from Old Codex Syndrome. I mean, the book is well armed for 7th edition in many ways, but at the same time the book does not have answers to things like gargantuan monstrous creatures, an affordable annti-air unit and last but not least, Wave Serpents. I can confidently kill three of them, but in the end Serpent Spam usually have five of them, and the last two will kill me off. If it was an all-comer list, I can definitely handle  but given my anal attitude about trying to make things casually competitive, I know that I need answers to those things.

I have been playing with my Orks a little, but I found that I still miss the brutality of my Dark Eldar and its speed.

All I can hope for is that the Dark Eldar will have some answers to those units I mentioned and for those who hate psykers, an answer against them too.

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