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Evolution of my Dark Eldar for 7th Edition: The Dawn of a Realspace Raid

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After playing a few games with my Dark Eldar, my list is slowly evolving to something a little more destructive than anything else due to my area's tendencies to have hard hitting units, no matter what they are. So for me, that means I am facing off against Obliterators, Riptides, Wave Serpents, Knights, Flyrants, IG Blob and any other units that loves to hit hard. Also my area is slowly progressing from 1750 pts armies to 1850 pts armies, which means even more firepower.

In addition, due to our store's mutual agreement to not go dual Combined Arms Detachment (as this can be fulfilled with Unbound, which warrants its own consent between players), I find myself a little bit outgunned to handle all the nonsense of 7th edition. Since the majority of the most effective units of the codex are in the Fast Attack slot, I decided that I will forgo the Objective secured advantage and go full ham with the Realspace Raider Detachment.

The next process in this new list building is that I need to crack anything that I see, and be sneaky about it as per the Dark Eldar ways. For that I realized that having a simple plan of speed, poison and lance is still the bee's knees.

In the end, to make for a balanced list that can hold up against the rest of the tough crowd here is the list I concocted;

Archon with Blaster, Haywire Grenade and Webway Portal
1 squad of 5 trueborn with 4 blasters in a Raider with lance and enhanced aethersail
4 squads of 5 Kabalites with a blaster in a Venom with two Splinter cannons
2 Razorwing Jetfighter with 2 lances
3 squads of 5 scourges with 4 haywire blasters
3 Ravagers with three lances

Now I know that this list is a little spammy, but given the meta of my area and my reluctance of allying with Eldar I came up with this list. The main reasons for my choices are as follow

1) Ravagers: Even with the nerfs, the Ravager is still in the running for being part of my Heavy Support as a result of its unique role as a mobile lance platform

2)Venoms:They are there just to fill up on my anti-MC/long-range infantry capabilities

3) Razorwing Jetfighters: For added added lance and also anti-horde weaponry. It is also a decent anti-air unit.

4) Blasterborn and Archon: To give myself an unit that can be where they want to be when they are needed.

5) Scourges; they complement my army in so many ways. After a decision between the Haywire blasters and the Blasters, I decided that I will arm my scourges with blasters.

Haywire blasters are awesome, do not get me wrong, but given that I might face off against a MC list gives me a little food for thought.

In many ways, when I am making this list, I am adhering to my ideals that a Dark Eldar list is like that of a shark; fast and deadly, and able to react to any smell of weakness from the opponent's confused ranks

Given that my list is concocted from several theoretical assumptions, I decided that I will have to test this list out against some of the nastiest armies that could neuter me in one turn. My army of choice for this list will have to be a Tau list, as they can kill every darn thing with ease and is a hard counter for generally all Dark Eldar. The mission is The Scouring, but I can not take these objectives without taking out all of his heavy hitters.

My first test run of my list is against a Tau army with the following composition (I only remembered the most notable gears);

Commander with two missile pods and artifact of Arthas Moloch with skyfire and interceptor
2 Riptides with Ion accelerator with skyfire and interceptor
1 squad of 3 crisis suits with two missile pods each (farsight troops)
1 squad of 3 crisis suits with two fusion blasters each with skyfire and interceptor
2 squads of 6 fire warriors
Tau Firebase Support Cadre (1 Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon, skyfire and interceptor, and two squads of Broadsides with skyfire and interceptor)

I must admit that his firepower is brutal and he does not really need markerlights to put a dent to my forces, but thanks to several gambits and also selective firing, I managed to take three riptides, 6 broadsides and 5 suits down in three turns. It helps that I managed to start first and also managed to get the warlord trait that allows me to re-roll my reserves from the Strategic Traits.

After 5 turns, I managed to reduce his fighting strength down to two Fusion Blaster suits and 2 fire warriors as compared to my force of 3 venoms, 19 warriors, one Razorwing Fighter and 3 scourges. He conceded before I began my 6th turn, as his army was literally neutered and I was about to focus my remaining firepower upon all of those forces. The victory is further sealed by me having First Blood, Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord, and also getting the objectives worth 4 points, 2 points and 1 points for a total of 10 Victory Points to his 4 points.

In many ways, this list is a true trial by fire for my list, as it allows my list to turn from a theoretical concept to practical concept that could be used against most armies. In addition, with the capabilities of flexible deployment and maneuver, this list offers more possibilities than my older lists before the codex came out.

Of course I am still sad that my archon has been relegated to a blaster caddy, but given that in return for this sacrifice I get this prodigious firepower I am willing to swallow my pride regarding this matter.

Now I will have to test this against Eldar, and see if I can manage to kill at least two serpents. If my list can kill two serpents in one turn, I will consider that my list is competitive enough to hold against almost all armies. Now this may be a bit of a weird thought to have when building a list, but I noticed that in any match, a person who can kill off two serpents out of 3-5 Serpents in a Serpent Spam in one turn will cause the Eldar army to drop significantly in effectiveness and allowing the other army to gain an upper hand in the attrition firepower war.

The next army I plan to find will either be an Eldar army, Guard army or a Drop Pod army.......

Wish me luck against these foul meta list!

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