Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Return of the Mycetic Spore and it brought friends!!!!!

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By now the internet is filled with the loud screams of happiness and despair over what is considered to be the 'hero' of the Tyranids; the Tyrannocyte a.k.a Mycetic Spore.

I personally welcome this changes, as it allow Nid players to diversify and also allow them to use some otherwise very questionable units more regularly. But as a Dark Eldar player, I am quite aware of the threats of a pod that could bring in 20 Gaunts or a Monstrous Creature crashing down upon my realspace raids. To make matters more interesting, the kit allows one to make two other units that could affect how Dark Eldar players play the game against Nids.

Let's start with the most obvious; the Pod itself.

Now, this is no stranger to players who have played in 5th edition against the Nids, as it is considered one of their more powerful units. For the new ones, the Tyrannocyte is essentially a biological drop pod.

This unit has been buffed based upon the rules that was used here, as the toughness value is increased from Toughness 4 to 5, and now it is armed with a lot more weapons. In addition, it now hovers around until it touches something or is in range to shoot something. This is perhaps one of the most annoying attributes of the new Nid pod as it will put a wrench upon some armies' battleplan.

Nonetheless, the scariest thing about the pod is not the pod itself, but what slot the pod takes in the Nid codex. The answer? NONE. This means that as a non-dedicated transport, you can flexibly put anything into the pod depending upon the threat of the opponent?

Worried about a Riptide? Slap in a Dimachaeron from Forgeworld (this one is brutal) or an Exocrine and let her rip. Worried about that Serpent? Slap in some Hive Guards or Devourer Gaunts and let loose the fire power. Want to score an objective? Put a Tervigon and watch as it breeds and hold that objective forever (figuratively). Want to prevent vehicle movement/block LOS? Just drop it empty.

I will see at least two pods in each list, and depending on whether they are playing a Null Deployment playstyle, I will see more of them.

As for the second unit that could come out from the book, they essentially gave us what is perhaps the first unit that can assault flying monstrous creatures and flyers; the Mucolid Spore Cluster. I can see some of them being played to deny flyer-heavy armies such as Cronair or Heldrakes from dominating the skies as it will go about blowing itself up for the Hive Mind. Also it can also control opponent's ground movement due to it being a rather large model and a floating bomb.

No one likes being nuked for no other reason that being close to it. Nonetheless this one is dependent upon the playstyle of the Nid player. If the Nid player does not invest itself heavily to Flying Monstrous creatures, I can see a lot of these guys floating around to support the army.

Thirdly, we get what I consider as the first true Nid fortification, the Sporocyst. It can infiltrate, it can harrass, and it can throw out Spore clusters and even the Mucolid once per game. To add icing to the cake, it increases the range of any Synapse creature near it by 6". This is huge for nids, as with their PRimaris, you can get a whole lot of range for their synapse thus allowing the Nid player to spread out and have a greater board presence.

However, it takes up a heavy support slot, which is sucks a little as quite a number of the Nid heavy support is really good and they help a whole lot as compared to our dear friend here. Of course depending upon the list of the player, these things might see some action.

Among all of this, I find that the Pod outshines the other slots solely because the possibilities with the Pod is just too amazing, and it essentially one-up the book from being decent to being very competitive. Never have I seen a single release that salvages an entire codex like this, and for that I will give this unit my due respect. From being able to boost low-tier units such as Pyrovores to something akin to being useable to allowing units such as the Exocrine to become amazing backfield harrassers,

I seriously can't wait for all the combos that could be pulled off with the Pods and the other units!

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