Monday, July 30, 2012

Mustering of the Kabal - Medusae Prime a.k.a Count-as Farseer and a prototype Razorwing flock

Welcome back, and these past few days have been quite funky for me in regards to 40k!

First things first, Chaos Daemons update is awesome and I love how all my Tzeentchian stuff is buffed in more ways than one. Flamers are always the core of my mono-Tzeentch army, and now with the point reduction that means that I can put even more of those bastards into my army and make a flaming unit of doom! I always wanted to get Screamers and it is worth the wait as now they are epic in rules and plastic in material. Love the update so much.....

As for my Dark Eldar, I finally found the Razorwing flock that I am pleased with that is not stupid as expensive and stupid-looking like the GW one (but I will still get them in the foreseeable future as a collector, and only because I am a collector). Say hello to the Reaper Murder of Crows. They look very swarmy and they come with a cool base.

I found this baby when I was browsing for some stuff at Guardian Games and suffice to say I went 'ZOMG!!!MUST GET!!!!" and paid 6 bucks for it (bloody cheap things for their looks). 

I decided to convert them a little to make them all flying forward and I managed to pull it off.  In fact I was so excited that I decided to make a test scheme for my Razorwing flock. I decided to make them a little more ghostly and so far I like it. Will need a dash of yellow on their beaks and stuff to make them stand apart from their base work and paint the detail on the base. Dumb me....forgotten that my bases are also turquoise...*facepalm*

I went to Reaper and ordered another 9 more of these beauties.....can't wait for them to arrive.

In addition to the awesome Razorwing flock, I also managed to get my hands on a Medusae which I always wanted to get for my awesome idea; a Biker Medusae. After much chopping and Green Stuffing, I managed to make my Medusae. Honestly I just want to have a cool idea, but at the same time I guess if I were to use allies I would use this guy as a Jetseer. Just need to clean this guy up a little more before I go ahead and paint the dude....


  1. Awesome idea on the jetbike medusae. That thing looks great!

  2. Thanks, Eldaraddict. :)

    I now must figure out how to make the other Eldar stuff while keeping to the Dark Eldar theme.