Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Attention Part 1 - Short Story

Nothing new here.....

Lady Vespera looks around the pleasure club that she is in, and sees that there is nothing that made her heart race. The usual electro-torture poledancing of slaves and bloodbaths raves are nothing new to her, as is the idea of modifying a mon-keigh to become a music machine in which a Dark Eldar artisan does his musical muse as the lesser Dark Eldar fornicating under the booming music, high on the latest drugs available in Commorragh.

As she sees all of this from the exclusive chamber reserved for those of her standing, she realized that the only sole reason she is here is because she does not want to be back in her Kabal's stronghold. As always, she is alone in this establishment and indeed it is rare for an Archon of her standing to be alone. But this is how she always done things, attempting fate and courting danger at every corner. In addition, she does not trust her Kabal enough to protect herself, less she suffers a betrayal from within. So here she is, sitting down upon the lavishly decorated couch with her velvet dark turquoise hair flowing on the couch , enhancing the luscious curves of her body upon the pentroom of the pleasure club for all to see.

But then something caught the Archon's piercing icy eyes. She notices that there are some non-Eldar in the pleasure club, and pleasure clubs like this are often very discriminating as to who can enter. One, two, three non-Eldar. From the looks of it, she can make out the avian-like head of the non-eldars, with elongated quills decorated with some form of primitive jewelery. Due to the coruscating lights from the pleasure club, she could not make out their skin color, but they appeared to be rather dark in colour. These new visitors are pungent beyond what she could endure, and somehow she would really love to blast them apart for their stench. But she had clearly seen these non-Eldar before somewhere....

They actually made her life easier for her. One of the non-Eldar actually pointed to where she was, and another non-Eldar actually takes out a rather large and rather primitive rifle and fired at her. The solid projectile flies out from the barrel of the rifle, and as the bullet travels towards her Vespera's memory is refreshed of what are these ingrates. As the bullet comes closer, her pendant glows with a dark purple light, and soon enough all she could see is a dark shroud covering her like a veil. The bullet explodes as it made contact with the veil, and soon enough, the whole pleasure club is now engulfed in pandemonium. Before long, the other patrons are out from the pleasure club.

"Damn kroot mercenaries...." Vespera cursed as she proceed to walk towards the Kroots with the unbridled fury of an Archon angered. She looks around and takes a bottle of some sort of intoxicant and breaks it, creating a very improvised weapon. Despite that, she knows that these Kroots will not stand a chance against her. As she picks up the pace, the kroots begin to fire their rifles in rapid-fire, but Vespera's shadow field generator is working as it should be. Vespera decides to take care of the one closest to her first.

"First kroot left knee. " Vespera calls out, and before the kroot even knows what is going on, she swoops down and with the improvised weapon, she lops away the left knee in a display of pure deadly elegance. The kroot buckled, and as it is about to drop on its knees, Vespera calls another body part to be lopped away.

"First kroot; Right Eye, Left collarbone, right bicep. Second Kroot; left arm, right arm, left shoulder blade. Third Kroot beak, right shoulder blade, both eyes and right arm. " As the first Kroot is slowly falling down from the first attack on its knee, and before the rest of the Kroots even reacted to the sudden invasion of their space in such a short time, Vespera slowly eviscerates the Kroots one by one. As body parts begin to detach itself from its host and flies away in dazzling speed, the Archon is moving lithely among the three Kroot and making a mockery of their defenses.

"Second and Third Kroot, throat. First Kroot right knee." Just inches from the ground, Vespera made a hand stand and spins her body around in a swirling motion of destruction, using her high heels as deadly weapons to rip the throats of the two kroots, and her remaining arm with with weapon went ahead and sliced off the knee of the other remaining Kroot. In the few seconds it took for the first Kroot to fall down on its now eviscerated knees, Vespera had dispatched her would-be assassins.

The Kroot falls upon what used to be its knees and yelled in agony as the open wound slammed upon the obsidian floor with such force that the sound of bones cracking could be heard. Vespera regains her posture and now back on her two feet, she looked down upon her assassin with cold, baleful eyes.

"Who sent you?"
"I am not tellinYEEAAAGGGHHHHH!" Vespera embed her heels into the wound that used to house the kroot's knees and twisted her heel, making it truly agonizing for the kroot.
"I see.....because I personally do not mind making you suffer for some while here. Do you want a quick death? Then tell me who send you."
"I....I...He...."The Kroot struggled as it speaks, withstanding the pain.
"Oh, do speak up darling. You want me to make you feel all better?" She puts even more pressure into the wound, and the Kroot yelled so much more.
"Lord Ranisold send me to get your head."
"Lord Ranisold?"A dark sinister smile is on Vespera's face.
"Yes, Ranisold....Oh my GAWK....." The Kroot is now wailing in agony.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why would he do that?" Vespera knows that an Archon's scheme might take centuries, even millenia to come to fruitation, but she just wanted to get a little more information and perhaps some pleasure from this interrogation.
"I do not know....all that he asked is that we are to get your head.....GAWK....."

An Archon named Ranisold that wants her head for some reason, she thought. It could be anything, but nonetheless it would be wise to find out more about this particular Archon and his standing in the intrigue of Commorragh. But not before she sucks out every single morsel of this Kroots soul to just satisfy her sadism.

"Well, Kroot I know that you will have the time of your life soon enough.....if you last through it that is..."She gives the kroot a rather crazed smile.

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