Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Control, control, control

Welcome back to the webway, and today I want to talk about an idea I want to play with; that of total mind -fu (my term for super tricks).

Just now when I was watching some Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann videos in Japanese (perhaps the most epic animation ever created), i flipped into a video where they show some of the main characters screaming out "Who'd the Hell you think I am?!?!?!" (yeah I understand Japanese, but I'll translate the word here) Suddenly my mind went a little brainstormy and I figured out......why not try to make the opponent really screwed up no matter what they do before the game even starts.

For the purpose, I decided to see what I can do to make this shit happen. Unfortunately for me, that means I have to play around with special characters, and also making some unfluffy combinations. But hey if it works, it works right? So with that I went to work, and immediately I can see the one that will screw up people's pre-game.

I decided to combine Asdruvael Vect and Lady Malys together. Now here are the abilities that can affect the pre-game.

Lady Malys:
Precognisant: essentially bthis is similar to Eldrad's power that after both players deployed at the start of the game, the Dark Eldar play may redeploy D3 units in their army including plaicng them in reserves.

Master Tactician: This is a souped up "seize the initiative" where you would seize the initiative at 4+ rather than a 6+.

Now imagine this two elements combined. You would let your opponent deploy first, and the later on you would  redeploy a number of units to a weaker flank and then try to seize the initiative. It is a massive deception tactic, which when it works it is rather nice.

Now you can also play with Baron Sathonyx with either one, as Sathonyx adds 1+ to the dice roll when determining which side chooses table deployment. Baron works well with either one. My personal money is with Malys though if you want to use the Baron instead. But of course Vect and the Baron is quite fun indeed.

Now imagine a Apoc game where you field these three monsters together. You get to choose who gets to deploy first, you get to choose what units to be redeployed to counter the opponent, and then you get the initiative to break through the whole thing. COmbined it with some apoc strategems and you get a real funky play.

I would seriously want to try the Malys/Vect combo more as it is more flexible than the Vect/Sathonyx combo or the Malys Sathonyx/combo. Besides vect is a monster in CC, and Malays allows for whoever that she is attacted to to become immune to psychic powers. Let these two attach with each other, and yeah, you get a really funky scary unit, and that is excluding their bodyguards yet.

Well, this is a first draft of the though , and so I would love to test it out one day. Until then....

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