Monday, December 20, 2010

New Beginnings

Well the end of the year is coming, and with it new beginnings. Never is this true than in my current situation.

I will be going over to the US of A to further my studies, and studying overseas will indeed impact the growth of my army, as right now it is sadly one of the things that I must put aside for the Tau'va a.k.a Greater Good until times permit. As selfish as I want to be to bring my entire Dark Eldar army along with me to the states, but the fact still remains that survival comes as one of my top priorities and thus even Vect would understand why I did the sacrifices I have made.

Coming out from the comforts of the webway is indeed a harrowing experience, but nonetheless like any realspace raid, it will also prove to be interesting to see how things go. Exploring the entire place where I will be studying for a considerable amount of time for gaming centers will be one of the primary things I will do if time allows. However, the idea of making army lists, exploring the potential of Dark Eldar units, and the stories will continue on whenever I could post them up.

With that, I will have to say, happy new year to all and may the year ahead be a good one.

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