Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mustering of the Kabal - Old School Rakarth and Razorwing

Heya all, its been a while since I posted in this blog. Life is really brutal these days (so much assignments and other considerations of real-life) and the small amount of time I have alone tends to go into very minuscule painting sessions or getting cheap entertainment (internet and hanging out with friends). Nonetheless those small painting sessions will bulk themselves up in the end, and I managed to get almost all the infantry done (just 4 more Trueborns and a Haemonculus).

I managed to get my hands on an old school Rakarth a few months back, and this model ranks highly on things I am most fond of painting (The worst thing to paint in a DE army are the Ravagers in my opinion) and thus I paind quite a lot of attention to this fellow. There are several more models that I would like to show but as of this moment, I only got so much time to show these guys off.

On the odd end of things, while painting my infantry and waiting for the paint to dry on the blending that I did on so many of my models, I managed to get my Razorwing up and running somehow. I painted this aircraft as a way to wait for the paint to dry up on my infantry models. As I am nearing the completion of my little sadist bondage space elves, I managed to finally finished painting this beast. Compared with all the other vehicles, I almost felt that this vehicle just came to existence without me doing anything.

Without further ado, I am now going back to realspace. I will try to update if I could.

P.S: For some reason I tend to envision my Razorwing as a duck. If you guys could tell me why, I would he happy to listen to it. Lol.

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