Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rumours, Rumours, Rumours.....Why I am not convinced by the chatter right now.

Heya all, and welcome back.

I have been a little out of the 40k scene for the past few weeks thanks to my university stuff and also Doctor Who (Love David Tennant as the 10th Doctor), but I do hear some murmurs and stuff from all the big bloggers and stuff about 6th edition and the codices that will follow with the 6th edition..

My reaction to the rumours is a very big 'MEH.....". From the reasonable rumours such as Chaos Marines having Cultists, to rumours that are just tripping on weed like Ultramarines being the Tau's babysitters, as it stands right now the rumours is too messed up to be taken seriously.

My opinion about the rumours is just a simple experience from my transition from 4th to 5th, and I will say that we will have four things;

1) Poor internet-netlisters will rage: Too bad Mech Guard, too bad Razorspam, they will be nerfed for obvious reasons. The Mech Eldar, SIGAFH, and Seer Council builds have been nerfed by the 5th edition rules during its initial inception. There are other builds of course, but these are on the top of my mind that are affected by the 5th edition transition phase from 4th edition to 5th edition.

2) Tricks will change: My transition from 4th to 5th taught me that stuff will change drastically enough that the game will change drastically. I remembered the time where a transport of almost any kind is a moving coffin, and with 5th it became all the rage. As a person who has played mechanized lists faithfully since 4th, I was lucky that my style of play became the rage, but also at the same time I am steering away from mechanized lists.

3) The fluff is just fluff: Some people rage when Draigo can kick Mortarion's ass, and Necrons now can weep. But then that saying, the story is there to entertain us not to be sold as a main commodity (if you want that go for Black Library or Fantasy Flight). The main appeal is the models and it will remain so.

That saying fluff can be twisted enough to let anything become the truth.

4) Be prepared to spend a lot more: Yeap, games could become bigger, or some units will be nerfed while others will be boosted. They want you to buy more stuff. Not to mention that GW loves to increase their prices.

With these in mind I am actually taking a happy break from 40k until I can see the real rules in my grubby hands, and while I am in my happy sabbatical I will buy more models to paint and model to allow myself the choice of having every option in the book (which means I will not be arsed to be severely affected by the nonsense that will be rule change. Not to mention that having a real-kabal would be bloody awesome.)

That and the Eldar codex.......the Eldar codex would be a cool addition to my Dark Eldar Kabal as mercenaries. I seriously want a Renegade Farseer in my Kabal's force (however unlikely the idea is in real fluff).

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