Friday, December 9, 2011

Mustering of the Kabal - Baron Sathonyx

Heya, and welcome back.

Well, while I was constructing this guy, I noticed that he reminds me of an old show I like to watch as a kid and when I asked my friend about it he said that maybe I should paint him up like the main character of the old show. The show's name? Kamen Rider Black RX a.k.a Masked Rider.

So with that, I decided to paint it as faithfully as I could to the original character, while also incorporating a little of my own magical touch into it. The results? 

I am pleased with the model. It not only sets the models apart from the other hellions, but also allow for it to be incorporated into my exisiting army, while also setting him out as an outcast.

Fluffwise, he will be the outcast brother of my Archite and leads his own gang of Hellions known as the Green Gang. My Hellions will have a similar colour scheme, but less bold to allow for the Baron to stand out even more.

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