Friday, December 23, 2011

Some pics from an old battle from before.

Heya all, 

I have a battle report planned for this bunch of pics, but nonetheless I am unable to remember much about the details of this battle. The few things I could remember are;

1) The Marine player is playing an entire company of Marines.

2) This is a killpoint mission and the Marine player decided to combat squad everything.

3) My list does not have enough firepower, and my confidence sank when he combat squad everything.

4) I did a lot of mistakes, and I was slaughtered badly, though was not tabled.

5) This battle assured me that I needed a Razorwing for this kind of nonsense, hence my purchase of my flying duck.

6) I need a better list with the Duke if I ever used him again.

Without further ado, here are some of the pics. I must also say sorry to the Space Marine player for not remembering much about this battle report as I was busy with life, but my kudos for him for bringing a chapter and pawning me cinematically.

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