Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Completed Rhazal the Reaver Lord And Early Phases of Display Board

Heya all and welcome back! After taking my sweet ass time painting this dude, I am finally done with him!

 This more refined method of painting the visor is perhaps the toughest part of the model to paint as I wanted him to stand out among all the Reavers. For that I blended seven layers of turquoise and blue to make it happen.

The other part that requires a great amount of blending are the tabards and cloth, for I essentially blended seven layers (or maybe eight, I do not remember) of a mix of purple, bone and white. The tough part is to blend the cloth so that it has creases and texture. I am rather happy with the blending as it is a different kind of purple that I have decided to use here rather than my usual maroon-ish purple.

The gems are annoying as they are quite small to paint, but I managed to pull it off. The skulls are also quite a feat as I decided to try a different method to paint them, and I am happy with the result. To let the piece pop a little more, I decided that all ropes are to be painted a bright red.

Overall, this is perhaps one of my most favourite models to model and paint throughout my entire 40k life.

I have also decided to start upon making my first display board, as my Dark Eldar deserves it. In addition I also find that having my own display board also allow me to have a model tray of sorts. For that I have already drawn the basic idea of what I want the board to look like.

Ur......which way am I supposed to go again?
The general idea here is that I wanted to have a webway portal opening at the mouth of a ravine or a small hilly area, and all my elements bursting out from it. With that I have already drawn the initial idea. My Reaver Lord is facing towards the area where I wanted the Webway portal to be and the odd shapes are the places where I wanted the hills/ravines to be. However I am still at the conceptualizing phase, so these things might change.

I am also wondering if I want to make some Eldar Wraithbone-like structures on the hills to show that the world is Eldar in origin, and would definitely be a theme tie-up with the Vyper wreck on one of my Razorwing fighter's base. Would definitely be interesting to see what else I could come up with.

All ze foams......perhaps I bought too much.

With that, I will be embarking upon my first terrain project and I am really looking forward to see the final result. See ya next time!


  1. Cool Crisis_Vyper, where did you get the foam and foam cutter?

    1. Heya MrChaos, I got the foam and foam cutter from Art Friend a.k.a the art store in Midvalley. These days,it is my main stop for all my art supplies. Close to my house, and they have a lot of things that other art stores don't have.