Friday, July 20, 2012

Mustering of the Kabal - Razorwing Fighters and Reaver Jetbike prototype scheme

Heya, it's been a while since I posted anything about my painting. As a reward for my annoying term in university this spring, I decided to get another two more Razorwings to add to my growing Dark Eldar Air Force. And here is some pics that I managed to get the other day with the lead Razorwing which I affectionately call 'The Duck'.

 The whites on these things are annoying to paint, but with the new Ceramite White, my job have become so much more easier.  The White accent is just what I need to make the jets have the 'rule of cool'. Not to mention the flying and pew pew pew sounds that I would make with them.....

After painting my Razorwings, I figured that the colour scheme may be the key in painting my Reavers as the Dark Eldar fluff did say that Razorwing fighter pilots used to be Reaver bikers. So with that I decided to try out the scheme on my long-ignored Reavers and voila! Here is the end result. 

Need some touch-up, but suffice to say that I actually felt that I finally nailed the colour scheme that I wanted with the Reavers. The way I painted the leather is taken from how I painted the leather on my wyches.

And now to paint the whole 11 other reavers, and any other nonsense that I can find in my bitz box that are already assembled (somehow....) and ready to be paint. 

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