Sunday, July 22, 2012

Space Marines idea - Barracudas

Throughout my entire 40k gaming life, I never really played as the good o' Marines unless you count Death Guard as Marines (which in my books they are not as they are super evil ones). The reason why I did not venture into the territory of playing Marine armies is because of one simple fact; I tend to not like the usual space marine play as it can get unusually boring in a sense. The only exception to the rule is a full biker army with teleporting terminators to complement them a.k.a Dark Angels style.

But if I ever want to start a Marine army, I always love to try out a particular idea that I have always held dear in my heart; The Barracudas.

The chapter symbol that I wanted to use is this symbol which I actually will admittedly will say I will rip out from Arlong's Pirates symbol from the manga 'One Piece'. The symbol is cool, and there's no need to improve on something if it is not broken. Now I know that it is more of a swordfish than anything, but the name 'Swordfish' does not scream Space Marines at all and the name Barracudas sounds more kickass (And the latin name for swordfish does not sound any more convincing;  Xiphias gladius  which just means sword (for both the former and the latter parts of the scientific name)).

The way I always imagined this chapter to be is that of a fleet-based chapter, but instead of the usual Black Templars-style fleet chapters (which I later found out to be the Crusade-pattern fleet chapters), I instead opted for a more nomadic style fleet chapter that scavenges its stuff. Surprisingly the Imperial Armour 10: Badab War 2 actually has a chapter with the exact style that I always envisioned my chapter to be called the Carcharadon Astra a.k.a Space Sharks. But of course I thought of the idea around 2007-2008 which is way before the books ever came out. But rant aside, my chapter will be a Nomad-Predator pattern fleet chapter.

Gameplay-wise, I think the Dark Angels Ravenwing/Deathwing playstyle would suit the army as it would fit with the style that I am fond of and also the fluffy stuff of them being a nomad-predator pattern  fleet chapter. Besides they could also keep the hunting style of their namesake to boot as well. Besides, after playing with a number of vehicle-based armies the vehicles will get to you somehow.

The colour scheme of the chapter will be a combination of black and orange for a very visually pleasing army while also making it simple for painting. Black is always cool, and orange is a cool colour than people rarely use en-mass but of course a muted orange is much more stylish than a bright orange scheme. The picture below is how I would paint my beakies; . 

The ideas are nice and all, but still the main question for me is this; what will it take for me to plunge into the Marine side of things? I think too much like a Xenos whenever I play my games and frankly the Xenos and Chaos side of things always interest me more than the Imperium forces.

A question for the soul indeed......

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