Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Renilnar the Medusae A.K.A Farseer on Jetbike and completed Rhazal the Reaver Lord

Heya all and welcome back!

I forgotten to post these pics up a while back, but nonetheless here they are!

Say hello to Renilnar the Medusae!
Views from Above, front, and both sides
This clown has been in the making for quite some time, with lots of revision so that I have the feel that it is indeed a crazy Medusae cluster that gain a great degree of sentience and handing out awesome memories of pain around on a jetbike. With some bling, I managed to also make a rather feral personality that fits with this particular idea of mine.

Balancing out the blue in the model is perhaps the most challenging part when I was painting this model, as I wanted to incorporate the blue as one of the primary colours that I have for my colour scheme is blue (Blue optics for Kabalites, and blue hair for all the wych elements). This model is neither, and thus I have to play around a little mentally to see where I could splash the colour in.

As for the brains, I actually find it quite fun to paint. I basically painted the brain by painting the brains part white and then wash it with some Scaly Green wash and followed by a Scorpion Green wash. The raised parts are then painted back with white once more.

 I am utterly pleased with how I painted this guy, and this guy will be rocking the table quite often now as a Farseer.

As for the other biker HQ dude, here he is in its completed form.

I decided that some spikes, hooks and skulls would not hurt on the otherwise rather plain plate, but choose to not go overboard with it.

This gun platform is scuplted using Grey Stuff and the guns are from the Venom sprue. I also decided to magnetize this part so that I could put in the other weapon options as well (Reaper Launcher and Fusion guns are fun).

For the dude, I finally found a way to make him regal enough without overdoing it; I just use the two banners from the Autarch and chopped them around to let them fit on the hips of the Reaver Lord. Some green stuff here and there and voila! Instant regal look!

While I was looking at the model, I noticed an unsightly part where despite my best efforts to put the magnets deep inside the body, it was jutting out like a sore thumb. With that I decided to use another Autarch part (the cloth) by trimming it down and just glued it in. Surprisingly it was am astounding success, covering the part and also giving the model a little pompousness as well.

I will not mess with the Reaver Lord anymore, as I find that simplicity is the best when it comes to blinging a dude out. As it is, he is already a massively converted model, and I do not want to take people's eyes off the main part of the conversion (the bike). I will be painting this bugger up once I am done with some stuff in real-life.

Stay tune for the next installment!

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