Monday, August 19, 2013

Mustering of the Kabal - Rhazal, the Reaver Lord A.K.A Autarch on bike (WIP)

Welcome back, and today I got a treat for you!

Say hello to Rhazal, the Reaver Lord!

With all the painting that I've done throughout these two months, I have just realized that I have not been making any miniatures for a while. I will be honest and say that my main passion in this hobby is not the gaming nor the painting, but in the assembly and converting.

As I was writing this battle report, I realized that making a Reaver army using the new Eldar codex would be utterly fun (if I decided to do it one day) and I realized that with a bucketful of Reavers, there must be a Reaver Lord. With that I scrounge my bitz box to see what I could do. After several hours, I managed to pull off a look that I like so far, barring the other bling.

First off, the bike.

Seeing that everyone always used the new Reavers for any conversion (including myself when it comes to the Count-as Farseer), I decided to use the old Reaver bike as the main frame for the bike. This gives the bike a rather unique silhouette and show to the world who's the boss.  For the frontal plate, I chopped one and glue the chopped bitz together to form a very long arrow-like shape with the other part being glue on the model and puttied to allow a smooth transition into the chassis. The Venom racks are also used to give a rather unique pair of 'horns' on the bike with the weird skull of the creature being glued on the plate to give a rather interesting headlights.

Seeing that the Reaver's pedals are not congruent with the legs I decided to cut them off and add more blades, while I use an extra reaver Bladevane with the pedals to make a whole new pedal for my Reaver Lord. However this also creates a problem as now the handles are way to far for the Reaver Lord. I solve this by putting the Venom's instruments and glueing two spikes on it to make a whole new handle and put it in line with the new Reavers.

Due to the location of the pedals and the steering, this also means that the pre-made seats were located at a very odd place, and thus I have to chop it all off and putty my own seats back. Personally I prefer the seats that I have made, as it looks more comfortable.

As for the Reaver Lord himself, I have decided to use another interesting bitz that I have acquired; the Autarch. Overall the body is quite fitting to what I want; a more commanding cruising pose than those of the sporting pose that are shared by all Reavers.

I went on ahead and ob off the head and replaced it with a Reaver's head while I used the Sybarite/Hekatrix back fin and glued it to where the flagpoles on the Autarch are meant to be glued.

The spike on his shoulder is an experiment to see if the old Dark Eldar spiky bits would fit on the Reaver Lord, but suffice to say it is not very fitting. I will have to rip this part off soon enough to test a new.

Since I love the lance, I decided to use the lance, but the Finecast part means that if I just glue it on, I will suffer a lot of disappointment and anguish. So I decided to magnetize it. This also gives me the chance to magnetize other weapon options.I bended the metal chains and hooks on the fins so that it would flow naturally with the zooming model.

This is how the model would look if I put them all together (dryfit for now). I intentionally put the magnets on the flight stand on a little slant so that it appears that it is speeding upwards to the sky.

 Surprisingly, the bending of the chains to let it flow with the wind also accidentally solved a problem before it was apparent. By bending the chains, I managed to actually give enough space to put the Reaver Lord on his seat just barely.

I am rather pleased with this conversion as it is rather simple for creating a rather complex look for the Reaver Lord. Definitely an eye popper, and now I wonder what else I should put on him so that he feels a little more regal.

Will post pics once I am done with the second stage of the conversion.


  1. Really great conversion. It sound look excellent leading your reaver/jetbike army :)


    1. Thanks, and I will be rocking him with a converted Medusae on a bike which counts-as my Farseer on bike.