Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....and Here's a Stompa

Heya all and welcome back to the webway!

It has been a stupid while since I have updated anything in this blog, but that is what I get for being a Human Resources Executive (It is a challenging job and I like it, but it does burn my time I used to have for the hobby). Nonetheless I have not stopped in the hobby side of things as I am now really appreciating my hobby time a lot.

What does it all mean? That means I am seriously allowed to go crazy for assembling some stuff without a care. I have already procured three Taloi and around 20+ Harlequins for my own Dark Eldar madness pursuits and decided to assemble all the remaining Wyches and Kabalites in sprues for future nonsense such as an Apocalypse game. 

Speaking about Apocalypse, I was asked by my gaming group to become one part of the Ork Waargh!!! that will be themed around the 3rd War of Armageddon  with the other part of this Waargh!!! being Mr.Chaos of Internetz fame (Man I love being able to be buddies with such a talented madman. In order to get this Waargh!!! all proppa, I have decided that I will complement Mr.Chaos' orks with my own scrap-build madness and allow our side to field a Stompa mob!

Here's the progress for my first stompa, and with the exception of the close combat arm and the necessary chips and grazes I believe he is as complete as it comes. I affectionately call it 'Big Bertha', and I had forgotten the joys of assembling models until I made this stompa using all the nonsensical bitz I have stored in my botz box and also using unwanted things to make this Stompa.

In a way, thanks to this Apocalypse battle, I have found my passion for my Orks once more!

Will be updating with some Orks, as I find my Dark Eldar has reached a certain threshold of evil that players tend to look at my Dark Eldar with a 'Oh god, that army again....." and in many ways I have also burned out on my Dark Eldar a little.

I hope to see ya the next time round!