Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lost and Found

Welcome back, and though it's been a while since I posted anything but this time I got something that I can blog about.

I have been in the Land of the Free (apparently) a.k.a US of A for a few weeks now, and seeing that I need to know a lot more about my realspace I explore Portland whenever I could. On one of those days, I decided to cross the river to go and see what's up with it.

As I crossed the river, I realized that it is quite different from Portland City Center, and indeed I felt like I am in totally unfamiliar grounds. And thus, begins the exploring. Suffice to say, the awesome exploring becomes more like a screwed misadventure and I got lost.

Wondering how the hell I am suppose to find the bridge to get back, I wander around and around and around and....wait I think I did say around right? This happens for the next two hours, and then just when I say "fuck this shit, unless there is something here, I think I am gonna call a cab and call it quits.....", a funny thing happened. I looked up and then I saw something that sparked a light in me.
Holy shit. Looks geeky enough, so I decided to see if there's anything in there to begin with. Maybe it is just another Magic store or something, and I am not fond of Magic in any way. But to my nergasmic surprise.....

When I see classic minis....I know this store is something else entirely.

Warmachine and Warhammer definitely here. And to my amazement, this store got like hella lot of classic models that you can't get anywhere else. I actually shed a tear in one eye, but thankfully no once saw that.

Boardgames like nobody's business. Amazing.....

Look at all those roleplaying books. Hell I never even heard of most of them before in my life!

When I see Terrain, I know that there will be wargeeks nearby.

 Dark heresy, Deathwatch, and Rogue Trader....a few of my favourite 40k stuff.

And then when I though this store could not get more awesme, this struck; they got out of production codices. Reall classics here like 'Ere We go, 'Ere We go!, and some 2nd ed codices.

Bloodbowl vampire team.....reminds me of a good friend of mine, and indeed I am amazed that they even got this here to begin with.

More exploring and I see what I believe is the wargaming room. Suffice to say, I am very impressed.

 Huge ass dice for D20.
And then I saw this, and I say to myself, " got instant noodles, pizza and shit here for your gamers?"

Immediately, I was like fucked out by all of this and become the geek I am.ended up lingering in the store for some good two hours or so, and I managed to buy an IG codex , a Steel legion Commisar, and a Dark Angels Company Master as a birthday gift for myself, and to reward my misadventure.

Fun times indeed.Publish Post

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