Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Attention Part 4 - Short Story

An Archon is always a fearful thing indeed, even among the Dark Eldar, but even amongst all the Archons there are some that one rather not mess with, at least openly. Vect is one, but for Vespera there is another. And that Archon is here today in her stronghold. This particular one is unique as he used to be an Archon, but nonetheless gave his power away for the sheer fun of it. Vespera now holds that power.

"My nice to see you again." This particular dark eldar is clad in a rather baroque armor, even for the denizens of Commorragh and his helm is elongated with a rich flowing mane adorning it. Vespera can only give the dark eldar a courteous nod, and proceed to accompany the Dark Eldar down the hallowed hallways of the kabal's stronghold.

"Nice to see you as well, father. So how was your journey across what the mon-keigh call the Calixis sector?" Vespera always disliked her father's visit, for he tend to have a knack for timing it with some rather interesting conundrum that she currently face in her life.

"Very good, very good. But....I feel that for some reason, the journey is a little....dry." The old Dark Eldar speaks with a rather raspy, but sinister tone. Vespera can never forget that voice for as long as she lived, for it was the voice that she grew up with. She had never heard her mother's voice, for apparently she was a victim of an attempted assassination attempt upon her father. The fool of an Archon who planned the assassination had his face adorning her father's helmet which he wears at all time.

"Why is it dry though? Don't they have many souls for you to at least enjoy yourself?"

"Well, you know the ones my age. When we let ourselves go, we really just let ourselves go. I don't feel much anymore, and my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be. But if there is one thing I have sensed, I sensed that my dear Hierarch got something on her mind. You never ask me about my trips, nor care about my wellbeing ever since I gave you the Kabal. So again...what is on your mind my dear?" Despite the age of the old Eldar,one can see a deep and dark abyss of venom seeking out the truth from the helm's visor.

Still the same old calculating father, Vespera said in her mind. 

"Is this something about a rumor I am hearing? That the Archon of the Turbulent Star is courting a mate-to-be?" The old Eldar's expression is hidden behind the visage of a flayed face.

"N....No. Lord Ranisold only asked that I dine with him, and only if I want to." Vespera knew that telling the truth is perhaps the better option here. She never want to get on her father's bad side.

"Ah... I see, I see. So it is about the Archon I am hearing about. Well, I would personally like to meet this Archon myself, but I couldn't possibly meet him like this. I excuse." The old Eldar tilted his head, as if goading Vespera to say something that he wants to hear.

"But father...I got no reason to meet him." However, Vespera know that that this reply will be insufficient for her father, for her father got something else on his mind.

"Well, my dear....I would like to be that reason. I would like to see if he is really what he is. If it is possible, please do so today." The old Eldar then decided to split away from his daughter and walks down the corridor. Before long, a retinue of Incubi proceed to emerge from the shadows surrounding the old Eldar and  escort their liege immediately to wherever their liege pleases. Vespera can only wonder what her father is thinking of at times, and she proceeds to contact her lieutenant.

"Selendra...send one of the scourges over to the Kabal of the Turbulent Star to announce our arrival later on today. Tell Ranisold that he would be expecting some rather interesting guests...."

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