Friday, January 14, 2011

New FAQ is out for Dark Eldar!

GW have answered the prayers of Dark Eldar players everywhere, and now a FAQ is out.

Suffice to say there are the good stuff, the unnecessary stuff and then there are the bad stuff.....and then there are the bad-ASS parts.

Well let's start with the bad stuff;
- Animus Vitae is now sadly useless - you have to use the damn weapon to even do anything. Seriously, that is the saddest piece of weapon now.

Now this kinda defeats the purpose of me taking a Haemonculi ancient with an agoniser now. Not that he is truly affected, but there goes an asshole-ish plan down the drain for me. *sob*

The other bad stuff is not exactly bad in my opinion, but it is something that would prevent the more powergaming folks out there from doing stupid things and justifying it. But I will be saddened by the idea that Harlequins with FNP is now impossible. 

Now for the good and bad-ass stuff
- Void Mine can be used in turboboosting -  Now this gives me the option to do funky stuff with my Voidraven whenever I use it, as now I can turboboost it somewhere, get a 4+ cover, and still do some damage while I am at it.
-The void mine does not count towards the number of weapons a Voidraven Bomber can fire that turn. - Awesomeness......I can now use the void lances if the void mine did not work.
- If the IC is killed while still attached to the unit, it will give the pain token to the DE unit that killed it -  So potentially a BA assault squad with a Sanguinary Priest and a Libbie attached to it is a hefty 3 pain token for a DE unit. Sweet times. Same goes for those Tyranid Primes and Wolf ICs. 

A real FAQ for once.....

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