Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hunting in Guardian Games for Dark Eldar - the progress so far....

Heya all, welcome back.

Now remember that in the last post, I managed to find a gaming store in Portland and how it got some pretty nifty models. With that in mind, I decided to slowly search my way through all the models with my nifty little itchy hands. Every time, I would find something I like in more ways than one, but not enough for me to go all "AWWWWFUUCCKKKKYYEAAAAHHH!!!!!"

But after two sessions of hunting stuff in the store for two days (one on the weekend and one today), I managed to find a few things that I find very interesting.

1)On my first hunting trip, I managed to find an OOP Archon, the one with the huge claw and the flayed skin-mask. I always liked this model, as it got this baroque feel to it that I really enjoy. Since it is the only one in the store.....well, I better buy it so that no one else will get it. :P

On the table, he will be my Asdrubael Vect if I ever play with him. But fluffwise, this guy will be Vespera's (grand)father who's kinda jaded and despite his apparent retirement, he would kick ass from time to time.

2)Second trip, I managed to bump into two old school raiders (which I would like to make into the raiders for my Wyches) and Drazhar. Always interested to have Drazhar's model, and also if I ever use Drazhar I would have him. If not he can be the Klaivex of the Incubi if I ever use Incubi as he is the only damn model with a Demiklaive. Due to my current lifestyle adaptations for the moment, I decided to buy Drazhar instead. With him being the only Drazhar in the store.....yeah, I did the Dark Eldar-ly thing to do.

So with the purchae of Drazhar I have now all the Special characters that have actual models representing them (the other two being Lelith Hesperax and Urien Rakarth).

If my budget would allow me, I would be getting those old school raiders because they are cool in their own weird way, but now it is very well-hidden in the store's massive array of minis. PURCHASE WILL BE MINEZZZZZZ!!!!!

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