Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mustering of the Kabal - Reaver Jetbikes

Heya all and welcome back!

Well today is a hallmark for my painting, for I managed to finally finish a squad of Reaver Jetbikes after a year and a half of owning a big number of them. 

Some of the Reavers I get from friends who do not want their Reavers, so some of the vents on the Reavers do see some weird damage or something. No matter, they are now a part of my Kabal now. All I need to really do is to touch up on these guys with some stuff (which is just painting black on some of the overextended yellow lines) and they will be serving me in getting more epic winz! 

And now....for the other 12. 



  1. What better way to celebrate the newly painted squad than bladevane some enemies :)