Thursday, November 25, 2010

Archons, Succubi and Haemonculi - A Few of my Favourite Things

With the release of the Dark Eldar codex and the awesome models that comes with the new release, I have finally embarked upon what I call the final test of my 40k gaming life, using everything I have learned in the past 4 years to start what is often called the hardest army to play in the whole 40k world. So with that I have lost my soul, despite the fact that I already got like a number of armies I am playing.

That aside, I will now go into the things I really liked about the new Dark Eldar.

First things first, the models are SICK. They looked a lot better than the old school models (though I actually do like the old school Dark Eldar Warriors)and seeing that the majority of the range is in plastic, it will make conversion a hell a lot easier than most.

Oh Nom Nom Nom.....

Secondly, the fluff is fun and very enthralling for a connoisseur of fluff like myself. It really portray the Dark Eldar as those boogieman from under our beds and the fairy tale evil creatures, witches and monsters imagery that some of the Dark Eldar units exhibits is really something to marvel at. For example the idea of the haemonculi as an immortal Dr. Frankenstein entertains me a lot as I can relate to the idea of a mad Faustian alchemist of evil. My most favourite story of them all is the rise of Vect as the Overlord of Commorragh and the imagery of a full-scale invasion of Space Marines into Commorragh reminds me a lot of Black Hawk Down.

Thirdly, the army works naturally with my inclinations in 40k. In a game of 40k, I enjoy using fast and deadly armies that work together in an interconnected net of support and logistic to become a rather unstoppable force, and I tend to play in a hit and run manner picking where and when I want to fight. The Dark Eldar works in this sense because the army as a whole is true to its fluff; a fast,heavy-hitting force that is fragile as hell. The idea of them being fragile means that in order for them to survive, all of them must work together and fight together to survive and win. In a way this is akin to those damn Planeteers from Captain Planet having to combine all their rings to summon a perfect Captain Planet.

By Your Powers Combine, I am Evil Eldarz!

And fourthly, it is one of those armies where everything from building to playing them is a true joy. They are those armies where you can put your own brand of awesome into the mix, and make your imagination go wild with the possibilities! One of the things I am looking forward to is actually the Wracks, where the models just scream personalization......(Yes my pretties, Daddy will make you all feel good....*gollum*).

Thus, I am actually rather pleased with this prospects and I am a stickler for making fluffy but also very playable lists with tricks up its sleeves . Now time for me to go into my laboratory and concoct evil in my lair.....*evil supervillain cackling laughter*

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