Sunday, November 28, 2010

Me and Wracks part 2 - Concepts, concepts, concepts

Hello all, and I am now back in the second installment of "Me and Wracks". The second installment is all about the concepts that I am exploring to make my wracks look the part as the horror of flesh and pain.

In the previous installment, I have stated that they look like those buggers from Hellraiser and seeing that I would not go wrong with the idea, so I went about researching some ideas from the Hellraiser movies and stuff for the Hellraiser world.

So with this I decided to look around and I bumped into the McFarlane Toys range called the Tortured Souls and I decided that "hey, why not?" and venture deep into the Haemonculi's lair that is the Tortured Souls Range. Suffice to say I found a hell of a lot of concepts to go around with.

Some of the pics here are better suited for Haemonculis, but all of them can actually make my squad of wracks particularly interesting. But how do I convert them with all the leather? I could not possibly take the shortcut way and use the bodies of the Wyches and Hellions, since their bodies are too darn small. The bodies of the Ghouls and the Chaos warriors suited the bulk of the wrack, but they are all mostly topless. So that means that somehow I must use Green Stuff to replicate their clothings.

Speaking about Green Stuff I will also be trying to make my Aconthyst to look somewhat different from the squad just because I can. Instead of the helmeted look, I actually wanted to do something like the pics below;

In a sick perversion of the helmetless squad leaders, I decided that I will do a helmetless Wrack to represent my Aconthyst and as seen from the pics here I am expecting a lot of flesh to paint. How I go about this would be interesting, but I believe that for once, I will try not to use my Kabal's theme of female leaders and instead let a male character lead the Aconthyst. the concept I have for the Acontyst is actually the lower body of the first pic, and the upper body of the second pic.

There is also the idea sparked by two of the concept arts that made me feel like doing some weird exhibitionist exhibit look for my Wracks. The concepts are as below;

The idea of Wrack being hanged and going into battle hung on some weird contraption and being led by a Haemonculus like a bunch of puppets is already quite a pleasing idea, and I would be interested to try this out just to come out from the mould of the conventional conversion for the Wracks. Of course the metal mask stays, just because it makes them look more awesome.

So right now the main concept I want for my wracks is that they will be Hellraiser Cenobite lookalikes hung/carrying something that is masochistic for them, and also ooze sadism. Will be updating this idea more and more as my thought processes go through all the possibilities.

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