Sunday, November 28, 2010

Me and Wracks part 1 - Why I love them

With every new codex, there will always be new units. This holds true for the Dark Eldar and they indeed introduced a whole plethora of units that just need to be discovered and in the spirit of Dark Eldar, exploited.

One of the new units that come into the fray is actually an infantry unit called Wracks. The Wracks are essentially Dark Eldars modified by their Haemonculi masters into a hellish minion that served to become their bodyguards and also helpers in the torture chambers and are in more ways than one, the successor to the older Grotesque as the new Grotesque are literally Hulk-like creatures. There are a lot of fuss about them over the internet about them, and some of them are also the reason why I like them.

Gamewise, there are several reasons why I like them. One of the reason why I like them is because they are actually one of the few Dark Eldar units that are not Toughness 3, but instead having a toughness of 4. Quite the big leap for the Dark Eldar and for once the Dark Eldar do not have to worry about getting killed by a starcannon or something.

Secondly, they come with a pain token free, and this means that they are already build in with Feel No Pain which means that they will be like a chewing gum in someone's hair; a bitch to take out. Thirdly, they all come with two poisoned weapons (4+), which means that with their toughness they are perfect to hunt down infantry squads like Imperial guardsmen, and with a second pain token works against marines as well and their squad upgrades only proved to serve this purpose. The Wracks also work against Monstrous Creatures as their poisoned weapons can potentially take down even a C'tan

Last but not least, if you take at least one Haemonculus Ancient or Haemonculus in the army, you can make them troops. This last point means that for once, the Dark Eldar have an unit that can essentially hold ao objective if needed to, and anything that comes close enough will suffer its wrath.

However, the reason why I love them for real is not because I want to take advantage of the rules, but it is because the Wracks are just so beautiful in concept and art.

Just look at is just awesome. They really remind me of these guys;

Yeap, actually to be honest Haemonculi, Wracks and Grotesque in the new Dark Eldar makes me think Hellraiser (in honest truth, the fluff also supported this view of mine). This alone is a concept that I can not ignore, as the conversion possibilities is just endless. That of the unit being a very good unit for Dark Eldar is a real bonus which makes me want to field this unit. But now the problem is that the model is as of this moment non-existent. For some, this is a very annoying thing that newer codices are doing, but for me it is a boon as I am allowed to do what I want and try to make this. Of course that saying, a new wave of models might change all of this, but even then I will make one squad for myself just to mark it out as a 'veteran' wrack squad that stands out.

So I guess I will be returning to the webway and ponder upon my next big scheme for my Dark Eldar.

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