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Trueborns - The awesomely spoiled brats of Dark Eldar

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Today, I will be talking about the unit that is all the rage in the 40k world when it comes to the Dark Eldar. I will be talking about the trueborns and what I think about them.

Alright what are trueborns? Fluffwise, they are Dark Eldar that actually have their mommy keeping them in their wombs for god knows how long and was born the normal way, as compared to the evil in-vitro way that usual Dark Eldar are created. In this way, those Dark Eldar that are born the natural way are 'true-born' from their mommy's womb. And just to add up to it, since they are rare, they are spoiled to a fault.

Their fluff alone is a cute thing, but nonetheless with this new sub-unit coming up in the new codex they are now some hot item that a lot of prospective Archons, Haemonculi and Succubi find hard to ignore.

The reason why? They are literally spoiled with the choices of wargear that you could attach to them and you can gear them up for almost everything, even close combat if you will but that would mean that you are almost forgoing their major strength, which is shooting.

Trueborn = Swiss Army Knives
Their weapon options are as follow;

Shardcarbine: An assault 3 splinterrifle, but with a lesser overall range. This one is a good upgrade if you want to make them shoot non-vehicle units with impunity. This is fun because everyone can be equipped with it for a decent amount of points.

Shredder: a 12" small blast template that would instakill guardsmen provided they failed their armour saves. You can take up to 4 of them for some shredder rain.

Blaster: The idea of playing Pseudo-fire dragon is now a possibility with the blaster, and with four of these things, you can hurt a lot of big things.

Splinter cannon : A lovely piece of weaponry that allows you to either fire it in its heavy mode or its assault mode, both of which fires a considerable amount of shots. Take two of these and some shard carbines and expect non-vehicle things to die.

Dark Lances: Portable long-ranged weaponry is a fun prospect, and works well with a squad that would stay static.

Plasma Grenades: Now your Trueborn have offensive grenades and that means good choppy times.

Haywire Grenades: Land Raiders and Monoliths would not want to go near a trueborn squad armed with haywires as they can potentially kill off those vehicles in combat.

If you are still not satisfied with the wargear options, you can upgrade one of the Trueborn to become a Dracon and get whatever a sybarite has, but only that a dracon is a improved sybarite.

And as with all Dark Eldar infantry units, you can take either a Venom or a Raider to go with the squad.

Now that we have gone through their gear enough to understand their awesomeness, we can now go to how we can use Trueborns to our advantage. But as with all units, we must first tweak it up to fulfill its role admirably. Here are the two roles roles I would highly advice;

Option 1: Anti-infantry/Anti-Monstrous Creatures a.k.a Being Gangsta

10 x Trueborns
2 x splinter cannons
4 x shardcarbines
4 x splinter rifle

Raider with Enhanced Aethersail and flickerfield

This option is a fun option to have that would have dire consequences to Tyranids as now the whole unit will be able to take down anything from the measly gaunt to the monstrous Trygon. I would personally arm the squad with full shardcarbines, but that is called overdoing things (not that I am bad with the idea, but for competitive purposes the points are better off somewhere else).

I you really want to add some monstrous juice into the unit, take out one of the Trueborns, and slap on a Duke Sliscus into the mix. Now you will be hitting and wounding on 3+, which will really hurt a lot of people. IF you really just want to push it, just put on a splinter rack into the mix. Sure you would move slower, but now you got twin-linked weaponry for your infantry. Add that with Duke Sliscus, and expect this squad to get pain tokens whenever it fire its weapon.

Option 2: Rapid Response Squad a.k.a Squadbusters

4 x Trueborn
4 x blasters

Venom with 2 splintercannon

For this role I must put it into a song phrase (sung to the tune of Ghostbusters);

There's something strange in this battlefield,
Who ya gonna call? ( Squadbusters!)
There's somethin' weird an it don't look good,
Who ya gonna call? ( Squadbusters!)

No matter what the odds, this squad can do it all. The venom can kill MCs and infantry alike, and the Trueborn with blasters will kill lots of big things, from Monoliths to Trygons. Not to mention that it is extremely cheap.

And just in case you have not noticed; 4 blaster dudes......they really look the part of the Ghostbusters. Just look and see the resemblance.

I know who I gonna call.....

These are two of the configurations that I really enjoyed based upon what the Trueborns could do. But nonetheless I have to admit one thing; this squad is a very awesome addition to the Dark Eldar as it now gives us more options in tactics and modelling for those who love a full Kabalite army, or just need that extra punch in shooting.

And off to the webway I go, until next time.....

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