Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leaks for the new flyer stuff and opinions about them.

Heya all, I just found some of these stuff on the internet from the Faeit 212 blog and reading the rules via squnting my eyes I have to say some of these aircrafts are actually not that bad rulewise.

Here's the Stormtalon and its rules and fluff.

From the looks of it, this thing could be a viable piece of equipment especially when one consider that 6th is coming up. My Dark Eldar will not be happy with this, as that thing can reliably kill a vehicle a turn with its dakka. But that saying, Dark Eldar vehicles are toilet paper with jet engines and guns slapped on it. On the bright side, it is an AV11 vehicle and that it competes with other cheaper vehicles such as the Land Speeder for some fire support, and not to mention that Marines will have to pay a lot for their other stuff. So in that regard I am happy that I can spam more weapons to have an effective chance to gun it down somehow.

As a Marine player, I can see these things being used as anti-light vehicles and also with 6th coming about, anti-air(?) vehicles. I could see how a Stormraven-based army would have one Stormtalon escorting each Stormraven to battle, and this means a lot of headache on the battlefield in a way but overall the escort rule would be something of a novelty if one could spend enough points to get enough of these things escorting all the deathstar units. 

And here are the Orky stuff.

For the Orky stuff, I say GW really have made a lot of Ork players very happy, and also I can see now that several looted flying vehicles are going to see the battlefield as fluffy vehicles (no count-as anymore!!!!). I would say this time GW did something right about the codex rules.

Among all the Ork jets, Dakkajet is perhaps the best and also the most fun out of the three due to the idea of a triple-twinlinked suppa shoota shooting at targets on a BS 3 is actually quite amazing (9 str 6 shots (18 str 6 shots if you have a Waargh!!!) at your face and you can have three of them!!!! And they are relatively cheap too for what they do, 130 points for such accurate shots (for an Ork at least) is amazing, as any Ork player will tell you (even myself and I run a Deathskull speed-freek army). Take that Mech armies!!!! And now the orks have some answer when it come to ranged anti-tank stuff. Lootas + Dakkajets = Fun Times.

Thankfully I am away from my Ork army now, or else I would buy several of these vehicles and start playing with them immediately. Combined with my Mechanized Ork army, I can see the parody of a Mech IG army becoming a reality.

The Burna-bomba is definitely a good anti-infantry from the looks of it (however it suffers from burnout syndrome after its weaponry are all fired up), and the Blitza bomba is kinda like both the dakkajet and the burna-bomba combined, but not really powerful due to its weapons being less specialized.

Overall, I say it is a lovely release this time round (barring the price increase) and the Ork jets are actually prettier than the Marine vehicle.


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